AirForce One Date Night

I know this post is a day late and I missed my post on Friday BUT I got a new job! I now do sales and marketing for a local print shop. And guess what? I love my boss! It is great to work with people who like to hear your input and appreciate your efforts.

But enough about my sob story as to why I am delayed in blogging and on to the post!

Now as I told you before, all my date nights do not go over great. There are times I just miss the mark. This was one of those times. I am still sharing the date with you in hopes that it might be a home-run for someone else.

The movie this date night revolved around was AirForce One. This was my first mistake. Although my boyfriend is a huge war movie buff, he had already seen this movie and was not in love with it. I still need to check the movie out but because of this theme, he was less than enthused about the date.

I started the night by sending him a text with this challenge:


I thought this would be a fun way to end a long day. What I didnt realize is that he was exhausted from his day at work and did not really want to be doing anything too physical. Fail.

The other part of this that failed on my end is I never got around to doing the little “extras” that make the night that much better. I had planned to make some water bottle airplanes but never got around to it.

So needless to say this was a date night that failed but could be some fun for you.

I am always curious of your thoughts. What do you think could’ve been done to save this date night?

18 thoughts on “AirForce One Date Night

  1. I think you still get an A for effort!! How could you know he saw and didn’t like the movie or was exhausted?
    I liked AirForce One, but my husband didn’t. Yeah, you’d think guys would like stuff like that! lol
    To save the night, I guess just asking him if there was anything else he’d rather do instead of the things you had planned. Or just hang out together and talk, have coffee and dessert. Sometimes we go all out for date night, other times we just hang out and watch Jeopardy on t.v. Speaking of which, it’s on in 15 so I have to go….

    Oh, one more thing… CONGRATS on the new job!!! Yay!

    • First of all thank you! Sometimes when these date nights fail it makes me feel like I failed as a gf which of course is silly. But its nice to have encouragement.

      Also, thanks so much job is going great so far!

  2. Gosh, Shae, I’m really reluctant to use the word “fail.” You made a sincere effort to come up with an original theme. Now maybe it didn’t work out perfectly, but that doesn’t mean failure. It was just…less successful.

    I love you ingenuity and humor and that counts for a whole hell of a lot in this world. If anyone has a problem with that, just shout, “Get off my airplane!” and push ’em out a window. (Just kidding!)

    Congratulations on the new job, by the way.

  3. Shae, I totally agree with Rob, maybe it didn’t work out perfectly, but you didn’t fail because you put forth the effort and that means SUCCESS 🙂

    Personally, I thought your idea was brilliant. And I also LOVED the text you sent him. “Loser pays for Dairy Queen. OMG…I LOVE Dairy Queen!!!

    And may I also say….CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW JOB!!!!!

    *doing the happy dance*

    I am sooooooooo happy for you! Glad to hear you love your boss!

    Have a super week, my friend!

    • Thank you on both counts! It is hard to fail but it really is a fact of life. Not everything can do down without a hitch. Basically we have to be grateful for the successes and learn from the failures.

  4. Great news on the job! I like your idea…I haven’t made a paper airplane in ages. My husband and I are competitive, and I think some cheating would go on with this one.

  5. Congrats on the job. What a great date night idea. Man I haven’t made paper airplanes in years. I wonder if I still know how? Now you got me thinking? hahah My hubby and I are extremely competitive not suer how this would go down hahaha Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  6. hey we all gotta fail at times, you know…smiles…for all the creative date nights that you have planned…i think you are fine…i dunno, not a huge fan of the movie either…so…might have ditched this date night for a different idea…

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