Nut Free Spinach Pesto!

I am sure I have mentioned this on the blog before- but this girl is allergic to nuts. This makes a few things tough to eat. But nonetheless I like to try different things. I tend to get bored with the same old thing over and over so I am constantly on the look-out for something good and different. After a particular dinner I had a bunch of left over spinach and no idea what to do with it. I reached out to the vast knowledge of Facebook users and got an interesting idea, Spinach Pesto over pasta.

After this was suggested to me I took to Google. To my dismay I learned that this is generally made with nuts. No bueno! So I searched again and found this recipe. This also gave me an excuse to whip out my blender I had yet to use!

The pesto came out great we would only change a few things. To start more olive oil! The pesto was super hard to blend so I found myself adding more and more olive oil to get the creamy consistency we were going for.

Also, the pesto absolutely needs to be heated! Cold pesto on hot pasta is not ideal. If the pesto was warmer I am sure it would have been a hit.

Finally, MORE CHEESE. Can never had enough cheese right? This recipe needed some cheese to jazz it up a bit! Might hurt the health factor a little but still it is an overall healthy meal!


Do you guys have a favorite pesto you like over pasta? Share in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Nut Free Spinach Pesto!

  1. Okay, this recipe ROCKS! I am a HUGE fan of pesto, spinach AND pasta, so I know I would LOVE this dish! And yes…..MORE CHEESE! Whenever I eat pasta (which is a lot) I end up using more cheese than pasta.

    My favorite way to eat pasta is with an olive oil and garlic sauce. And LOTS of cheese. I do like red sauce as well.

    Thanks for sharing, Shae! Have a grrrrrreat week!

  2. I don’t make pesto much, but will just use olive oil or maybe a blend of olive and hemp and then add assorted spices… thyme, rosemary, basil, pepper, salt, etc… some from the garden, some ground. So that makes a nice dip for bread, but I guess it could be used on pasta, too. With or without cheese. I have some issues with too much cheese. And I can have some nuts, but not too many, and not too often.
    It’s great that today so many recipes can be easily varied to help with allergies.

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