I am a parking failure!

I don’t know about you, but I am a parking failure! I don’t mean that I park kinda bad. I mean a flat out failure. I am the girl that parks at the absolute last spot in a parking lot to make sure I am not near any other cars. Not only do I fear hitting cars while I try to park but I also fear pissing off new parkers by my sideways parking job.

This is not new information but when I saw this article on Hello Giggles I knew I was not alone. It really is true that no one would love me if they saw me park before it was too late.

My poor boyfriend has to constantly drive places because it is very clear I won’t be able to park. Parallel parking? Forget a bout it! Tiny parking lot, probably shouldn’t even try. Small parking spaces? Not this girl. The trouble is endless and I am sure frustrating for someone who does not suffer this disability.

So to start off my Friday I decided to check out googles best “bad parkers”. Here are my top 3:

1) Well this one way to make a spot for yourself:

2) I don’t know if this is bad parking or just a smart self serving parker:

3) Why it is NEVER smart to park in front of a fire hydrant…

Are you a parking failure? Tell me about some of your experiences!

14 thoughts on “I am a parking failure!

  1. First off, I had to laugh at the article because, YES, Trader Joe lots are awful, thanks to the ridiculous amount of people in their tiny stores AND tiny parking lots!

    I don’t think I’m bad as much as a paranoid parker. I always try to pull into spots where I am able to pull straight out instead of backing up. It is impossible to see around all the vans and huge SUVs that park beside you. Once, I was in a Target lot trying to back out. I saw a car coming, so I stopped, and then I slowly started backing up but then heard a BUMP……I hit a person! Well, just his arm or hand, so he said! This older couple came out of nowhere. Later, I wondered why they were walking behind my car when I clearly had my brake lights on from stopping for that other car.

  2. I actually take great pride in my parallel parking ability. I learned to drive in cities. Now, living in the country, it’s a completely useless skill. There are still parking lots to weather, though. They’re horrible no matter where you live.

  3. I’m not the best parallel parker in the world, but I can hold my own. What I really excel at is backing in. 9 times out of 10 I back into parking spaces – at home, at work, at the grocery store, etc. The only exception is slanted spots, of course. Even then, I try to at least pull forward when I can.

    • Oh backing in– nope not this girl. I love the theory behind it. Being able to pull right out of the spot when its time to go. But the skill it takes to do it- welp not for me!

  4. Parallel parking… cannot do it!! Even during my driving test many years ago I hit the curb. I asked the instructor what to do and he said to just straighten the car out, which I did. He passed me, I guess because it was the curb and not a cone I’d hit which would have been a car if on a real street and not in the road test lot.

  5. I take my dad’s advice and always look for the easiest spots that I can drive right into. I gave up my car when I moved back to New York many moons ago, so I’m not certain about my parallel parking skills. But I’m better than that person in the first photo.

  6. ” Why it is NEVER smart to park in front of a fire hydrant…”

    Shae, that one CRACKED ME UP!

    Actually, (when I still had a car and drove) I loved to park, especially parallel. In fact, there were times when if I was driving in someone else’s car and they were afraid to park parallel because the spot was too tight, I would change places with them and park the car myself. I don’t know why, but I find parking a wonderful challenge.

    Hope you had a FAB week, my friend!

    FUN post!

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