Free the Nipple?!

Okay for those of you who don’t know, I am a woman. I know that is pretty shocking news. But I am. And as a woman I yearn to be a feminist. I just love the idea of it. Girl power and all of that jazz. But there are so many times I find myself really struggling to get behind a feminist movement. This is one of those times.

Apparently a feminist movement found new strength after Bruce Willis’s daughter made a stink about it. The movement is called “Free the Nipple.” Bruce Willis’s daughter brought this movement to the public attention because instagram would not let her post a picture that had nipples exposed. They were not here nipples but nipples none the less. She did not find this acceptable. So “Free the Nipple” became relevant again.

The idea behind the movement is pretty simple. Women want to de-sexualize the female breast so it will no longer be considered taboo for it to be seen in public. Many women are pointing to the fact that the sexualized female breast is a social construct and is really only a breast. Women want people to see the female breast the same as the male breast. So they want to “Free the Nipple.”

Celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have shown their support for this movement. Remember that mesh dress Rihanna wore not to long ago that showed off most of her body. That was in support of this movement.

The problem is I just can’t get behind this. In my opinion there is a point of self-respect and decency that should over take feminist ideals. Is it not fair that men can go around topless and women can’t? Maybe. But the fact is men do not have breasts. Yes some have man boobs but they are entirely different. And yes maybe it is a social construct to sexualize them but you know what, I kinda like that social construct. Women like to feel sexy and admired right? Well if you take away all the aspects of a woman that make her sexy what are you left with?

I do believe that breast feeding in public should be allowed and I realize that is a crux of this movement as well. But I also believe that women should have to do it with decency. Cover up while feeding the baby. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Maybe I am wrong to feel this way but I like that there are differences between men and women. It is what make us who we are. I don’t think taking all that away so there is no mystery and no allure is going to help the world. The world would be a pretty boring place. So ladies if you want to go around flopping your boobs in the air for the world to see, go for it. It just isn’t for me.


I know this is a pretty hot topic right now so I am really interested to see what you guys think! Let me know in the comments below!



20 thoughts on “Free the Nipple?!

  1. From a completely personal point of view, I prefer to be covered up at all times when I’m out. I think I’d be sending out entirely the wrong message to my teen daughters if I felt any different. As for breastfeeding in public, I am entirely supportive of any woman’s decision to do this.

  2. If they want to free the nipple, can always join a nudist colony lol from a completely male point of view, can’t say I’d mind seeing them free lmao but yeah in reality as you say, women have breasts, men don’t. Not every little thing ever can be equality because not everyone is the same. Although man boobs should be covered, blah lol

  3. I agree with you Shae. Believe me, I love seeing the breasts and nipples, but only in an intimate way. Letting them all hang out would probably just desensitize the way people feel about them. Just like I wouldn’t want to have prime rib every night as it would make it less special when i DO get it!

    • Exactly! Although this might be the feminist goal but I just don’t think its a great goal. There are much bigger “problems” in this world if you can even call it that.

  4. Oh geeze, I’m going to sound as prudish as I am.
    I’m not freeing my nipple–and I don’t want to be looking at anyone freeing theirs, tyvm.
    While others might find it ‘sexy’, I find it offensive. I just don’t wanna see it–on television or at the local coffee shop.

    I’m totally in support of breast feeding moms–it’s a bonding experience, and I’m proud of the ones who use discretion in how they do that.
    But we’re not talking support for the right to breast feed in public places when we’re donning mesh clothing. We’re wearing mesh clothing and showing off nipples. No part of that speaks to the mom’s right to breast feed. At least not in my eyes. It does, however, speak a lot of attention and a lot of gawking.
    *sigh* Yes, I’m an old fashioned gal.

  5. GREAT post topic, Shae!

    Personally, I don’t find it offensive if a woman chooses to do this, however, I think wearing a lowish cut dress or blouse is much more appealing than exposing the nipples because it leaves something to the imagination and is sexier.

    And as far as breast feeding with discretion in public goes, I totally support that because as Mel shared, it’s a bonding experience.

    Again, great post topic, my friend! Have a SUPER weekend!


  6. I’m conflicted. Personally, I wouldn’t mind free nipples…err, you know what I mean…but I also agree with what you (and Ron) have to say about maintaining an air of mystery and leaving certain things to the imagination. If women’s nipples were exposed all the time, they would no longer be special.

    Then again, I think that’s the goal of the feminist movement.

    Interesting topic, for sure.

  7. I actually don’t even like seeing men’s, nipples. We had a builder here at one stage who went around shirtless and he had a pieced nipple – I nearly puked every time I saw him.

    I’m all for breastfeeding in public. I did it and I hate to see babies go hungry 😉

  8. Lol at diannegray’s comment! I agree….I don’t want to see men or women’s nipples! Especially pierced ones!

    Seriously, this kind of crap that these Hollywood types use to promote themselves sets the women’s movement back 50 years, in my opinion. How is this helping men take us seriously in the workplace or in social situations?

  9. It’s probably not a good idea to expose the nipple, It may sound good, but I think a lot of men are interested in a cheap thrill of seeing a woman’s nipple. Let’s leave something to the imagination.

  10. I understand where you’re coming from. I agree that showing your nipples is a completely personal choice and I understand that you feel that the sexuality of the woman’s nipple can be enjoyed by both sexes, but I think it’s wrong to chalk up all of a woman’s sex appeal and mystery to her body. By implying that breasts are what separates a woman’s nipple from a man’s nipple, you imply that women with extremely flat/no breasts are somehow less woman, which is completely unfair. I’d also like to add that technically speaking, the only purpose for female breasts is to feed a baby, which is as far from sexual as it gets, so attributing sexuality to a breast is only a social construct that restricts women by limiting what we can and can’t wear in public.There are many things about a woman that can be sexy. It’s not the job of a woman to “leave something to the imagination” in order to allure a man. If being desensitized to women’s nipples decreases a man’s interest and attraction to women, I question if he was ever really that attracted to women in the first place.

    • For one I need to state that I am a girl with flat breasts so I am certainly not implying that I am in some way less of a woman. I just like that there is some sex appeal in body parts. It makes more of a mystery and more fun for the bedroom. Whether that is wrong to my gender is up for debate.

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