Casket Wraps?

As many of you know I recently started a new job. I am the Marketing person for a local large format print shop. We basically do signs, banners and other large format advertising. Every once in awhile though something comes across the desk that is a bit out of the ordinary. This week was one of those times.

Part of my job is to make cold calls to companies to see if we can begin to work with them. My boss heard about one of the companies in our franchise having luck with funeral homes. The pitch? Casket wrapping. Let me make that clearer for you. The idea was to call funeral homes to see if they would be interested in the idea of selling wrapped caskets to families. If you don’t know, a wrapped casket would be a casket with a design laid on to it by a company like ours. But I am not sure that is an easy sell.

That is until I saw this site. This site is entirely real and it appears that they do make sales.

This by far is my favorite casket of theirs.

Morbid no?

With this in mind I wanted to share with you some other ideas for caskets:

1) “One Way”

2) “Refrigerate After Opening”

3) “If this is yours, and you can see this, ring bell!”

4) “Do not open until apocalypse”

5) “Time Capsule”


I am sure there are so many more but I feel awful adding to this craziness. I would love to hear more if you have some to share. Hope this gave you a laugh to start your Friday!

20 thoughts on “Casket Wraps?

  1. Ok, that just creeps me out!!!! I would think that most people attending the funeral would not find this sort of thing clever or funny, but I could see how someone (before they died, of course), would choose to do this if they enjoyed being a comedian. Sort of a “Last Laugh” thing!!!!

  2. “Sort of a “Last Laugh” thing!!!!”

    HAHAHAHA! OMG…I loved Bijoux comment!

    Truthfully, I find this very amusing. But then again, I have a rather strange sense of humor.

    And I agree with you about your favorite casket of theirs. Hilarious!

    Fabulous post, my friend! Have a super weekend!


  3. This is very unusual indeed and it just goes to show people have a sense of humour about death. It reminds me of a famous comedian who had “In the Mood” played at his funeral. I love the idea and would probably have stamped on mine “I told you I was sick!’

  4. There are a lot of people who have extreme senses of humor and would want to liven things up like this. But I could see an even bigger demand for a casket that somehow portrays a person’s interest. A Star Wars casket or something with a game theme for a serious gamer… I’ve known some serious geeks in my time and I know if this started growing, it would take off!

  5. Very clever! Although I’m not sure I would want that on my loved one’s casket. To each their own, right? Just read your Zombie Date post too – I’m sure there’s a tie in to that somewhere!

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