War on Nuns?!

I am not much of a news buff so very often I will come across a new story rather late. This is one of those times. I was recently made aware that the Obama administration was (is?) stuck in a legal battle with The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Let me make that a little clearer. Obama had a legal battle with Nuns. I shall let that sink in for you…

Yes Nuns.

Okay so now that the absurdity of that has really sunk in I will explain a little. Obamacare put in place a mandate that required employers to offer free contraceptives to their employees. The Little Sisters of the Poor being a Catholic organization do not believe in the use of contraceptives and thus do not want to obey this mandate. However, not obeying will come with quite a fee.

Now there are of course people on both sides of this fight. What I know for sure is I would not want to battle a nun. Here are three reasons why:

They are ruler ninjas: I am sure your grandparent’s told you about the times they came home with red raw knuckles from the nuns at school. Maybe they don’t do that anymore but I am willing to bet they learned how to wield that wooden weapon. I sure don’t want to find out.

They have God’s ear: If they don’t still have the ruler in their back pocket they sure still have God in their corner. He is one guy I would rather not piss off. The whole being damned to hell thing doesn’t seem like a good thing to mess with. Am I right?

Two words: The Town: Those nun’s might be fictional but they are damn scary. The vision of them shooting up a bank in their black and white uniforms still haunt me. Fiction or not, nuns are forever tainted for me.

All kidding aside though this is a tough issue. I believe everyone should have access to contraceptives but I also believe in freedom of religion so I am on the fence here. What do you bloggers think? Should this mandate be forced on everyone or should religion be an exception?

22 thoughts on “War on Nuns?!

  1. I tend to be pro-small gov’t, so I don’t think the govt should force rules on religious organizations. And though I believe in equal access for most things, I don’t necessarily think it’s the role of employers for this particular issue. I used to be very conservative and now I’m recently very liberal, so thank u for allowing me to think thru some of these used-to-be no-brainier questions.

  2. How can you refer to ‘ war on the Nuns ”

    May I ask you what you think about the ‘ war of the Nuns on children ‘..
    I refer to the 800 Dead babies found in an Irish Catholic so called orphanage,,and were dumped in a septic tank…??
    I really think that you need a reality check,,,i.e. get a bible KJV 1611,,and read Gods word,,get saved…

  3. This topic drives me nuts . . . It reared its head again last week with Hobby Lobby. My opinion is two-fold: if you don’t like the benefits offered by a company, don’t work there! And number 2: pay for whatever birth control you want! Nobody is stopping you!

  4. Shae, my brother and I were just talking about this topic on the phone last week. Personally, I don’t feel that an employer should be required to pay for birth control because that’s a choice on the part of the employee.

    GREAT post topic, my friend!

    • Exactly! It is not like they are saying they wont employ someone who takes it they just wont pay for it. I see nothing wrong with that. Thats like a mother saying she wont pay for her kid to smoke pot. Its their money they choose how to spend it.

  5. People should have access and choice whether they want to use them or not. But then again there are a lot of morons out there who’s hand needs to be held and led to water, so to speak. So who knows. But I wouldn’t want to tick off nuns

  6. Not being a US citizen I’m not familiar with Obama’s policies, but I can see how this can put you on both sides of the fence. When I think of nuns I remember The Blues Brothers and the nun that ruled with with an iron fist! 😉

  7. Speaking as a Catholic school survivor and someone who thoroughly hates nuns, I hope the Obama Administration comes down like the hand of God on these twisted religious zealots.

    And while we’re at it, we can eliminate the tax breaks for religion. It’s high time we derailed that little gravy train.

    Sorry if I come on strong, but these religious freaks are sore issue with me.

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