Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Poppers!

Well Fourth of July weekend has come to a close and I have to say it is a little bit disappointing. The boy and I had awesome fourth of July plans. We were going to go to a local hiking trail and pack a picnic for lunch. Then at night we were going to climb to the top of the observation tower to watch the fireworks.

Well…we went to the hiking trail for all of maybe an hour before Hurricane Arthur decided to rear his ugly head. We didn’t get to have our picnic and no fireworks for us. And that means that my anthropoloie inspired confetti poppers did not get used :(. How sad.

Now when I decided to make these little buggers there was no excitement on the home front. I found this on the Anthropoloie website and knew I could make them for so much cheaper. But, I believe the response I got was “you only want to make them so you can pop it in my face.” Funny how right he was.

Now that I have mine still loaded and ready to go I will be sure to surprise him with a face of confetti. Just to prove him right. Men love to be right.

So do you want to make one too? They are super easy!

Heres what you need:

Used Willy Wonka Push Pop

Construction Paper


Tissue Paper




1) Eat the push pop! Good right? Okay now clean it out to make sure it’s no longer stick.

2) Wrap push pop with construction paper and draw designs on with marker. I did blue with red stripes.

3) Cut up tissue paper. Use the colors you want for whatever theme you are going for. I used red and blue for 4th of July.

4) Stuff tissue paper in push pop and smother with glitter. Really get that glitter in there. Glitter is the most frustrating thing to get off which makes this much more fun!

5) Find a victim and confetti pop them!



Hope you all had a Happy Fourth! What did everyone do this year?

24 thoughts on “Anthropologie Inspired Confetti Poppers!

  1. The weather was gorgeous here, but I know how bad you guys had it last week. My husband was stuck at a NJ airport for quite a while Wed night. I drank margaritas all day Friday at my brother-in-law’s! I love your poppers, but HATE glitter! I am a party pooper, I guess!

  2. Shae, how creative you are making your own confetti poppers! And don’t you just love Anthropologie? We have one here in Philadelphia and I love going in and just walking around; looking at all the beautiful and clever displays. Great store, but you’re right, expensive.

    It was supposed to rain here on the 4th as well, but oddly enough the sun was out, the sky was blue, and it was so cool and breezy. But I really thought we were going to get hit by Hurricane Arthur because the weather forecast predicted it.

    Have a super week, my friend!

  3. ha. glitter is def not easy to get out…fun.
    sorry your plans got wrecked….we were at a music festival when the rains
    swooped in…made for quite the muddy experience..ha…
    once the lighting died down though…they kept right on playing….

  4. Arthur certainly did raise his ugly head at an inopportune time! I was watching him on the weather channel and thought it was very rude to appear during the Fourth of July celebrations. I’m going to try and make these home-made poppers – what a great idea! 😀

  5. “You’ll put somebody’s eye out!!”

    Sorry, Shae, but I grew up hearing that one and I’ve always wanted to say it!

    Seriously, though, this looks like great fun! You’re so creative! You remind me of my mother who was forever looking for these kinds of projects!

    Hope you really surprised your victim!

  6. What a cute idea, and a great excuse to buy push pops! We took the kids to the conference room of my husband’s office, which has a great view of fireworks. I don’t know why we haven’t done that before – it was great!

  7. WOW that’s awesome homemade poppers go you!!! So creative. I will have to remember this and try it for the next holiday coming. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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