Dumb Life Calcuations: Anxiety Addition

I know I have mentioned this before but one of my favorite Youtube channels is Jenna Marbles’ channel. On her channel she did a video about dumb life calculations. Basically she took tasks that most of us feel are pretty ordinary and she added up how much time an average person spends on this task in their life. I thought this video was hilarious and some of the calculations were horrifying. I thought it would be more horrifying to do the anxiety version of life calculations.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, much of my time is spent worrying. Worry takes up a good majority of my time. I want to break down the amount of time I spend worrying on different things to figure out how much of my life is really wasted. Here are three things that I find myself worrying about and how much of my life is wasted on it:

3) Worrying about dying from the next disease outbreak: I figure I am sick for at least a week every year. EVERY TIME I am sick I am convinced I am dying because clearly that is the most logical outcome for a 26 year old. So I figure one week a year for the average life of 80 years and I waste exactly: 8,516 hours in a lifetime!

2) Worrying that my current boyfriend is leaving me. Basically I worry about this every time we fight. We have been together six months and I would say that I have genuinely worried about it one day a week since we have been together. Somehow I think when he looks at me the wrong way he must be leaving. Its not logical but there it is. So this means I have spent: 24 days worrying since our relationship has started.

1) Worrying that I will not find a job. UPDATE bloggers. I have found full time work and I start July 7! But as many of you know I have been in and out of work only picking up part time jobs since September. I worried 24/7 while I was out of work. That means I spent: 6,720 hours worrying about not finding work!

Looking at these numbers it is so clear to me that if I can just find a way to stop worrying I will free up so much time and energy in my life. Worry is really the root of so many problems. With this new job will come a new beginning and a new approach to life. Worrying will be left behind!

Have a worry free weekend bloggers. Please enjoy the video that inspired this post!


14 thoughts on “Dumb Life Calcuations: Anxiety Addition

  1. “EVERY TIME I am sick I am convinced I am dying because clearly that is the most logical outcome for a 26 year old.”

    Shae, I used to be the same way whenever I got sick. When I was a kid, I was such hypochondriac; thinking that I had to go to the hospital for any ache or pain because I was dying. One time I convinced my parents to rush me to the hospital because I thought I had appendicitis and that is was going to burst and kill me. However, it just turned out to be a bad case of GAS – HA!

    So glad to hear that you found full-time work! Yahooooooooo! Congratulations! And trust me, I know that worry because I felt the same way back in January when my hours were being cut.

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

    • Haha I am so glad to see that I am not alone in this! It is such a scary feeling! Thanks for sharing that gas story, that must have been super embarrassing and certainly makes me feel less alone! As always great to see you stopping by Ronnie 🙂

  2. I just avoid germs at every corner, washing my hands a ton, probably waste a good 10 hours a year just washing them lol as for fear though, bah I just let it go.

  3. Congrats on the job! Well done 😀

    I’m not a worrier and I’m not sure what the secret is (sometimes I think it’s just pure laziness on my part). But worrying does take a lot of energy and I love the quote you’ve put here about worrying. It’s so true! 😀

  4. Wow, Shae, I’m so glad I read this post!

    I come from a long line of chronic worriers, but now that you’ve introduced the time element into the equation, I’m going to have rethink the way I think!

    Worry is an illusion of power. We think we can stop something from happening by worrying about it, but, as that brilliant quote you posted tells us, it just takes away our strength. Being mindful and living in the present can cut down on the worrying.

    Congratulations on the job and best of luck! And here’s to whittling down those worry hours!

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