Transforming a Beer Bottle into A Glass!

As most of my blog readers know I have been out of full time work for a few months now. This makes gift giving, one of my favorite things to do, extremely difficult. I pride myself on being a very innovative gift giver. I try to remember little things people say and do and find the perfect gift that even they wouldn’t have thought of for themselves. Well with no money this task is next to impossible. So I turned to Pinterest for a Fathers Day gift DIY. My Dad is a beer lover and when I found this tutorial on how to turn beer bottles into glasses I decided I would give it a try!

To start with you need to fill your sink up with ice. At this step I realized my apartment freezer does not have an ice maker or ice trays. So i trudged over to the grocery store. While there I was charged for a 5 pound bag at the register only to find out when I got to the ice case that they only had ten pound bags. To make matters worse instead of charging me the difference they charged me for both bags! Ugh all this for ice! This project did not start off on the right foot!

Next you need to get some yard and tie it around the bottle where you want to make the glass separate. I chose to make my yarn fall right above the picture. It didnt take me long to realize the glass had a mind of its own.

Anyways next step is soaking the yard in acetone like so:

AcetoneOnce this is complete put the yard back on the bottle exactly where you want it to burn.

Now you bring the bottle with the yarn soaked in acetone over your ice filled sink. This is where you let it burn!

On fire!If you look at exactly the right angle you can see that this bottle is actually on fire. I learned at this step that holding a bottle on fire while taking a picture is quite a dangerous task. But it is not impossible!

Once the fire has entirely burnt out on its own you put the bottle in the ice bath and the bottle will separate on its own. Here is my finished product:

finished glassI was a little dissapointed that there was a big dip in the back of the glass and that there were hairline fractures towards the top but overall it did not come out bad. Now paired with this gift I am taking my Dad on a brewery tour. Still I wanted this to be a little more than a glass. So I filled this sucker up with butterscotch pudding (to look like beer) and topped it with whip cream (to look like the foam). I thought it was a cute gift on a budget!

What do you guys think? Do you have any budget friendly gift ideas for the guy who is impossible to buy for?

24 thoughts on “Transforming a Beer Bottle into A Glass!

  1. *clapping*

    Way to go, Shae! And it turned out faaaaaaaabulous! And personally, I’m one of those people who appreciates a DIY present more so than a store-bought present because of the time, energy and love that went into making it. I know you’re Dad is going to LOVE it!

    Isn’t Pinterest great for finding things you need? I can’t tell you how many great ideas and things I’ve gotten off Pinterest. It’s a super place to research stuff.

    Have a great time at the brewery with your Dad!


  2. Oh, I love creative projects. I’ve seen this one before. So many things out there to try, something for everyone!
    My husband told me not to get him anything for Father’s Day because he bought himself a Bigfoot Flask. Haha!

  3. I have seen beer glasses, but you had to use a glass cutter to make them. What a neat ‘trick’ this method is! There is nothing like a well thought out gift!

  4. Acetone and ice water creates fire? Amazing! Very creative. I have a hard time shopping for my dad and my husband – usually my dad makes a wish list on Amazon and I just shop from there.

  5. Nice job, Shae! You show a lot of ingenuity and creativity!

    My mother was always interested in these arts and crafts projects. We used to all sorts of projects when we were in the Cub Scouts. Great work!

  6. That’s a fantastic idea. I love pinterest for a good diy idea. I did the same for Father’s Day needing to save money for our american trip. So we used a potato masher and painted various father’s day pictures for Daddy from the kids. They loved it and so did Mr P. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another fab week of #sharewithme

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