I’ll Take a Male Boss Please!

I came across this article that stated statistically speaking men and women alike prefer male bosses. Now on first read the woman in me was appalled. Women are just as qualified as men and in some cases more qualified! But then I realized, I too prefer a male boss!

All my bosses minus one were male. For the most part I think I gravitate towards male bosses because even in social situations I gravitate towards men. Girl to girl relationships tend to be complicated and messy and full of drama. Who would want that in a boss? So I really got my thinking cap out and I thought of five reasons why I (as a woman) would prefer a male boss:

5) Women tend to be thinking 5,000 thoughts at one time: Now don’t get me wrong this could be awesome. Your boss could be helping you, your co-worker and a client all at once because we know that women are the best at multi-tasking. However, this often leads to last minute projects and missed deadlines. Not my favorite things to deal with in the work place.

4) Women can’t deny they are emotional: Even the strongest women have emotional moments. Its not always the best for a company for someone to make a decision based on an emotion and sometimes I believe it can be hard to avoid.

3) Children: Yes I love them and yes I want them, but do I want my boss disappearing for a few months so she can have one? Not particularly. This can make the work place a bit stressful and hectic and although there are of course plenty of ways to deal with it, its a obstacle I would rather not endure.

2) Vanity: I am a girl that is VERY low maintenance. Some days I go to work with little to no make up. But with a female boss I feel required to bite the bullet and doll myself up every day for work. Now of course that could just be me being crazy but its something I would rather not deal with. I like my sleep.

1) Other female workers- Women tend to enjoy hiring other women. I prefer working in a male dominated world (hence why I want to be a lawyer) the idea of a female run office kind of scares me. Can you imagine the gossip and drama that would ensue? No thank you!

Of if she was my boss I might make an exception!

Now of course this is pure opinion and colored by my own experiences so feel free to disagree. So bloggers, do you prefer male or female bosses?

16 thoughts on “I’ll Take a Male Boss Please!

  1. I had the absolute meanest female boss my first job out of college. I think she was jealous of me! Otherwise, my other female bosses were fine. My oldest has always worked with mostly females, being a nurse, and the drama is more than she can take at times.

    • I think it is all a matter of preference and the field we work in. I think working in the law, the females I get as bosses aren’t always the most level headed…

  2. In my office there is one other male who is the main boss and then like 14 others who are all female. So much gossip and back stabbing and this and that it is pathetic. Rather work with males any day.

  3. SUPER post topic, Shae!

    I’ve had both male and female bosses and both were positive and negative experiences, so I think it depends on the individual male and female.

    However, I will say that overall I enjoy having a boss (and working with) females. And that could be because I’m male. Also, I think because I’m gay, I have an understanding and appreciation of females on a mental and emotional level.

    Again, great post topic!

    Have a super weekend!

  4. I think that the gender of your boss shouldn’t matter at all. I wish there were more women bosses and women in leadership positions because then more women would go after those roles and wouldn’t feel as if leadership weren’t a realm meant for women.

    I also (respectfully) disagree with almost all of your points. I feel like they are based on out-dated stereotypes of men and women. I’m not sure why you think that having a female boss or a more female-dominated workplace would cause the environment to be more “dramatic” and filled with gossip. Yes, there are many dramatic and gossipy women, but there are PLENTY of dramatic and gossipy men. The problem is that women have just been stereotyped as having those characteristics. I also think it’s unfair to say that women are somehow more emotional than men. Yes, we do have a menstrual cycle which can sometimes affect our emotions and attitudes, but I think that the majority of women have enough self-control and awareness that they don’t just go flying off the handle every time they’re on their period, especially if they are in a professional situation. Also, stating that women are emotional and men are less emotional is limiting to men. They experience the same range and depth of emotion as women, and I don’t think it’s fair to stifle that with gender stereotypes.

    I don’t mean to come off as if I’m attacking you at all. Just wanted to share my thoughts on your post.


    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think we have all had different experiences in our lives that shape our opinions. I am 25 so I do not think my opinions are based on outdated stereotypes but rather colored but situations with women that have fostered these opinions. Maybe if I had dealt with different women up until this point I would feel differently. Best thing about blogging is we can all have our own opinion and that is totally okay!

  5. I’m all for feminism, but thinking back on it now, the one female boss I had was real bit…I mean, her supervisory skills were lacking and we didn’t always see eye to eye. There may be something to this post.

  6. I’ve had bad experiences with female bosses, but, to be honest, I’m not turned off to the idea. Stuff happens.

    All I ask of any boss, male or female, is to not be a butthole. Apparently I ask for too much…

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