Meet the Penguins!

Okay now I don’t generally post about things that go on in my life, but that is mostly because my life is pretty boring. No one really wants to read about work or about the movies my boyfriend and I watch on Netflix. However, every once in a blue moon we do something worth sharing. This was one of those times.

For my mom’s birthday I bought her, myself and my boyfriend tickets to meet a penguin. Yes MEET a penguin. We got to touch him, learn about him and watch him scurry around the room checking out everything new to him. It was a really fun time and it is actually a really good cause as well.

Each penguin is named based on their unique coloration. Our new friend was named Grey Brown. Here is a pic I took as he was running by me:

Grey Brown

Look how close he was! It was really an amazing experience. As long as he wasn’t facing us head on (don’t want to scare him) we were allowed to reach out and pet him. See my boyfriend getting to pet him as he went by:

Petting grey brown

One thing I did not know going into this is African Penguins are on the endangered list. Events like this go towards saving these penguins. I would recommend anyone who adores these little guys as much as I do to find a way to help them out. Whether it be going to meet one yourself, donating to a charity or finding another fun event that will benefit these awesome little creatures. It is scary to know that in as little as 11 years these little guys might cease to exist!

We made a new friend in Grey Brown and I want to make sure many others get to make similar friends. Lets help the penguins get off the endangered list!

Thats me in the leather. How many people guessed what I looked like correctly? ;)

Thats me in the leather. How many people guessed what I looked like correctly? 😉

14 thoughts on “Meet the Penguins!

  1. OMG……what a fantastic gift! I LOVE penguins! They are so adorable. Was this at a zoo? I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard of African penguins. And thanks for posting the picture….fun to see you and your mom and BF!

  2. That is an awesome gift indeed and really original too. Plus helping the poor guys is great. Be funny to see the cat’s expression at my sea with one of them running around.

  3. What a great and original idea! The Oregon Zoo has a Penguinarium, but I’ve never heard of anybody being allowed to touch them. If so, I’d be all over that.

    You aren’t that different from how I pictured you! The hair is right. I can’t tell from the photo how tall you are or what color your eyes are, though. I guessed 5’5″ and hazel.

    • Well glad I am not that different from what you thought lol. However I am quite short, 5 feet 1 inch. Yup short people problems. I fit right in with the penguins!

  4. “Look how close he was! It was really an amazing experience.”

    OMG Shae…I would LOVE to do that because I ADORE penguins! I love how they’re marked because it always looks as though they’re wearing a tuxedo – HA! Have you ever seen the movie, March Of The Penguins? It’s utterly fascinating!

    LOVE the last photo with YOU in it! And yes, you’re very much like I pictured you in my mind, so I guess this time I was right 🙂

    I like these personal posts because it gives us a glimpse into your life.

    Have a super week, girl! FABU post!

  5. This is great, Shae! I’m so used to looking at penguins from the other side of a glass divider. I can’t imagine getting this close to one. Grey Brown seems like quite a nifty fellow. And I’m so glad I finally got to see what you look like–lovely, indeed!

  6. My family just had breakfast with the penguins at our zoo a few weeks ago! I have a family pic with Wini the penguin, but we didn’t get to hold her. How funny that we both had this experience!

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