Timing is Everything

I am going to start this by saying this is a difficult post to write. This issue has been plastered all over every social media site and really its hard to argue against. So one thing I want to make very clear up front. Donald Sterling is a bigoted jerk and I in no way support anything he has said or done. That being said I do not feel his NBA suspension had ideal timing.

Doesn’t he just look like a jerk?

For those who have not heard the story I will sum it up for you. Donald is in the middle of a legal battle with his former girlfriend and as part of that battle she taped a private conversation of his. In this conversation he made some racist remarks and ultimately said he didnt want people of color at the NBA games.For a more comprehensive overview of what went down please read this fantastic article.

Now I have heard both sides of this issue and I have to say one thing is certain, this man has no business owning an NBA team. The problem I have is the precedent the timing of this ban sets. Sterling was banned after a PRIVATE conversation was made public. Further, this case reminds me of when the Mel Gibson tapes went around where he was clearly goated into exploding. The girl in this case clearly set him up to go off. I am not sure this is the best time to lay down an extreme punishment. Do we want to start allowing our private conversations to have bearing on larger aspects of our lives?

The problem is the NBA missed a perfect opportunity to issue this punishment. When he was going through legal troubles with housing discrimination. It was VERY clear at that time that he was a racist and that his views could negatively impact the legaue. But the NBA turned the other cheek. The players accepted the money. And the game went on. So my question is why now? What makes this instance so unique that it warrants a lifetime ban?

I want to be clear I agree with the punishment, this man does not deserve to own a team. I however, do not agree with the timing because of the precedent it sets and the missed opportunites from before.

So bloggers what do you think? Did the NBA do the right thing?

10 thoughts on “Timing is Everything

  1. I’ve heard several people make this observation, Shae. The comments are repulsive, but, as you say, they were made privately. i’m glad this clown is losing his team, but I am a little queasy about the privacy aspect. As you noted, the NBA had a perfect opportunity to can this loser and they didn’t. An LA Times sports reporter told NPR that Sterling’s racist attitudes were no secret in LA.

    • See thats the exact issue I have. You cant point a finger at someone for doing what you already know they do. Granted the man is scum but the way it was done doesnt sit right with me.

  2. He does deserve whatever he gets. But yeah I agree, the timing wasn`t the best. I mean if people tape private conversations, who is to say they can`t tape you reading from a book, and then call you racist because you read a passage where the character was a racist. Granted you`d have to be fool enough to read it out loud. And yeah Gibson is a loud mouth douche too, but he was clearly goated into it so she could get more money.

  3. I have to agree with you, Shae. I do think he deserves what he gets, however, it’s the whole privacy thing that concerns me. I mean we all say things at times that might not be meant for all ears, but they should be kept private.

    And OMG…I hadn’t heard that conversation between Mel and that girl before, but WOW…was he ever livid. And yes, it was clear by the tone in her voice that he was being goated.

    Again, great post topic! Have a super week…X

  4. Its possible that part of the first incidents ramifications were that another offense would bring on this ban. But I agree private conversations are not ment for the rest of the world.

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