Do you date your car?

So many of us have a special attachment to our cars. And with the possibility of sounding sexist I am willing to bet more men have an attachment to their car than woman. According to this survey done by Nationwide Insurance, 25 % of U. S Car owners have a “special name” for their car. Now this really didn’t surprise me. I have heard all the weird names and I have seen some really odd things that people put their cars through. Whether it be giving their car fake eyelashes, dressing their car up for Christmas or just “souping” their car up with lights or spinners. Yes people really like to go a little crazy when it comes to cars.

However, there was an episode of My Strange Addiction that really took this car craze onto a whole other level. A man actually had a RELATIONSHIP with his car. The episode creeped me out in so many ways. If you didn’t get to see the episode check out the clip below. Just be warned, you will shudder. With this episode in mind I decided to do a list of the top ten things ( in no particular order) a man can say to his car but should not say to his lover.

10) “I like the way you run”

9) I could sniff your gas all day.

8) I just want to suck all the dirt out of you!

7) I like it better when all my friends are inside you.

6) The view is better with your top down.

5) I’m debating letting you get rear ended for the money.

4) I can see your crack.

3) I think you need a wax.

2) It might be time to trade you in for a newer model.

1) I like that I can get mud all over you and even inside you and you don’t complain!

I am sure there are so many more that would be so wrong to say and I would love to hear them. Let me know some you can think of in the comments below! Don’t forget to enjoy the disturbing clip I promised 🙂

16 thoughts on “Do you date your car?

  1. TLC sure has some WACK shows. I’m not sure what is worse – the strange addictions or the one where people eat stuff like their sofa cushions!!!! Did you see that show (I think it was on TLC) that ran during Valentine’s week about people who got hurt during sex?

    • Ok I have seen the seat cushion one and yes you are right yuck, but getting hurt during sex?!? Seriously?!?! Thats on TV? Some things I just do not need shown on my TV and that is most certainly one of them!

  2. Bwhahahhahahahaha!

    Shae, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your list of 10 things! OMG…they’re HILARIOUS!

    9) I could sniff your gas all day.
    8) I just want to suck all the dirt out of you!
    6) The view is better with your top down.


    Okay, I watched the video and can only say one thing…OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!! I think the most disturbing thing was the way in which he was KISSING his car. Almost like making out! Yes…very disturbing video.

    Awesome post, girl!


  3. Yikes! This is creepy. I gave up my car when I moved back to NY and I never missed it. I’ve got buses, subways, and car service to get me around and I never have to worry about parking spaces, car insurance, or greedy mechanics!

  4. hmmmmmm now that is disturbing, he was really locking lips to that car, bah how anyone can do that is beyond me.

    “You went 0 to 60 in 10 seconds flat”
    “You seem to be riding low today”
    “In need of repair”

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