I’m Very Superstitious…

With baseball season coming around the corner I can’t help but get excited. This girl is a huge baseball fan. In fact it is my most favorite sport hands down. I watch football semi regularly and I have even recently gotten in to hockey but baseball, well baseball will always have my heart.

That being said. This sport comes with a lot of superstitions. As with all sports we like to believe that our little rituals help out the team we are rooting for. Whether or not it works or not doesn’t really matter, its just something we hang on to. As any dedicated sports fan I have a few superstitions when it comes to the Red Sox and all that they entail:

1) If they are doing really well (like sweeping all teams) too early in the season, they are gonna struggle when it counts. Why you ask? Lets face it, Red Sox are known for making dramatic comebacks not for dominating all season long.

2) If I forget to watch a crucial game and they lose…they lost because I wasn’t watching. Yes, I am THAT important of a fan!

3) If some dumbass wears a NY Yankee well anything at Fenway Park they can be blamed for any loss or issues the Red Sox endure that game.

4) If Big Papi is struggling the whole team is struggling.

So maybe these aren’t superstitions but more fears that are a little odd but you get my meaning. Do you guys have any superstitions or fears when watching your favorite sports team?

14 thoughts on “I’m Very Superstitious…

  1. Shae, I had seen this video before on someone else’s blog and thought it was SO CLEVERLY brilliant. So it was a JOY to watch it again.

    No, I’m not superstitious, however, my mother was extremely superstitious about so many things – black cats, umbrella’s opened in the house, new shoes on the kitchen table, walking under ladders, you name it.

    Fun post, girl. Have a super weekend!

    Btw, I love the song in the video by Stevie Wonder!

    • It is a great video isn’t it? Glad you enjoyed it for a second time :). Its funny that your mother was so superstitious but it did not pass down to you! So interesting how things like that work out.

  2. haha can’t say i have anything like that. They win they win, they lose they lose. Can’t say i care about millionaires hitting, throwing or whatever-ing a ball either.

  3. I’m more of a football fan myself, but when it comes to baseball, the Red Sox are my team. I think any sports fan who is really into the game has a few superstitions to contend with!

  4. ” If I forget to watch a crucial game and they lose…they lost because I wasn’t watching.”

    I am no kind of sports fan, Shae, but I remember both of my brothers saying the same thing about the teams they followed. Sports has that effect on people, I guess.

  5. Yeah, if my girl talks to me during a Pats game, something bad is bound to happen. Fumble, interception, arrested for murder, playing Tim Tebow, etc.

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