I Was Infected By The Biebz

Have you ever really liked a song but were really confused as to why you or really anyone in the world liked the song? “Call Me Maybe” was that song for me. I was literally obsessed with this song for the longest time. I would rock out to it in the car. I would watch multiple hilarious video renditions of it like this one. But honestly I could not figure out what the hype was about this song.

For starters the singer is a complete unknown artist. Sure she has a great voice but no one had even heard her name before this song. As far as I know she wasn’t even signed to a record before this song came out.

Added on to that the song is really just “Call Me Maybe” repeated billions of times with a few words added in for the verses. It couldn’t have taken all that much thought process to really come up with the lyrics to the song. And I will be the first to tell you I am definitely a lyric snob. I only like music I can relate to.

The one thing the song has going for it is the tune is catchy. And I mean REALLY catchy. Once you hear it it is very hard to get out of your head. But this now goes full circle- people have to hear it to get it in their head and if the artist is unknown and the lyrics arent stellar how did it get so widely publicized?

And then I learned the key. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber got wind of this song and they tweeted about it and posted a dance video about it. Then the song took off like wild fire. But this now makes the song an even bigger guilty pleasure. I have fallen prey to the influence of the Biebz?!?! Say it isnt so! But even their dance video is kinda fun to watch… ahhh what does this mean?!?!

I could have gone my whole life not knowing the reason this song got stuck in my head for months at a time but now that I know I would like the Men in Black to come and erase my mind. Please?

Did the Biebz get you on this one too? Please tell me I am not alone!

14 thoughts on “I Was Infected By The Biebz

  1. Can’t stand the Biebs and everything he does, but I sure do love me some Selena. But this song has never been stuck in my head although a mutual friend of ours, Jason (I think you know him -lol) does this song for karaoke and is quite funny.

  2. “Did the Biebz get you on this one too? Please tell me I am not alone!”

    No, you are NOT alone! I have never heard this song before hearing it here now, and can definitely see WHY you like it. I LOVE it! And thank you, because now I’m going to have it stuck in my head all weekend – HA!

    I’m the same way with songs, Shae! Do you remember my post a few weeks ago on Katy Perry’s ROAR? Same thing. I heard it and could NOT get that song out of my head.

    Okay, so right after I leave this comment, I’m gong to listen to this song once more!

    Have a super weekend, girl!

    FUN post!

  3. I always liked this song. It’s just a lot of fun. And it’s a good kind of infectious, as opposed to a bad type of infectious song. I find lately that songs from my youth are coming back into my head, like a kind of audio time warp. The 70s had it’s problems, but at least we didn’t have the Biebs!

    • See? It infected you too! Its a feel good upbeat song. Hard not to like.

      I think music from our childhood stays with us to remind us of those days that were simpler and less stressful.

  4. Shae, I just wanted to stop by and say that I bookmarked this video on You Tube after watching it on your blog last week and have been listening to it ALL WEEK!

    You’re right….this song infectious. I LOVE it!

    Thanks for sharing it!

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