Last Minute Shopping

As we are creeping our way into November it is hard to ignore that the holiday season is approaching. Now most years I am jumping for joy and more than a little prepared. In fact many years I begin my shopping in June (oh yes I love Christmas that much). But this year, given my current job situation, I haven’t even begun shopping. Not only that but I am panicking that I won’t have the money to do it. This leads me to believe I will be on the last minute shopping train.

Now this is of course not the first time I have had to come up with a last minute gift. One year I was dating someone who I had been on and off with for a few years. We had hit a downward spiral and I did not think we would be together for the holidays. So I had not purchased a gift for his mother. However, I show up to their house to celebrate the holidays and there are not only many gifts laid out for me but also a stocking. Talk about a deer in headlights!

Lucky for me I had been way to prepared this holiday season and bought extra gifts for peopl

e I didn’t actually use. I ran out to my car, grabbed a left over gift, a fancy bag someone else gave me and ran back in the house pretending I just forgot it in the car. Phew h

oliday saved! Icing on the cake? She loved it!

I recently saw an episode of Jimmy Kimmel where the guest on the show was also on the last minute shopping train and gave him some clothing from an audience member. This made me giggle and also made me realize I cannot be the only one who does this. So I am looking to my blogging friends to make me not feel so alone. What is one of the worst last minute shopping scenarios you have been caught in? Did it work out?

Enjoy this clip from Jimmy Kimmel as well to start the weekend off right 🙂

10 thoughts on “Last Minute Shopping

  1. Oh Shae, being someone who is in retail, I know all about last minute shopping – both with customers and myself. And because I’m in retail, shopping in a store is usually the LAST thing I want to do after working in a store all day, so I end up doing my shopping last minute.

    Gratefully though, over the years, my friends and I have gotten to a point where we don’t buy gifts for each other for Christmas anymore, because it’s so expensive buying gifts for family members PLUS friends. So what we do now is usually go out to dinner with each other and celebrate the holiday eating a nice meal together.

    Great post topic, Shae!

    Have a FAB weekend…x

    P.S. I don’t see the Jimmy Kimmel video clip on this post.

  2. I usually keep some candles and picture frames on hand for last minute gifts. One time when we were first married, we showed up to a Labor Day picnic at my in-laws and my MIL said it was also a birthday party for my husband’s brother-in-law. We had to run to the nearest store to get a gift and it was like a Big Lots. We were cracking up because we couldn’t find a damn thing to get him! We settled on a gym bag. It was pitiful.

    • Lol I love that story. Makes me feel a little less sad. But hey something is always better than nothing right? I need to learn from you keeping some items on hand might be the way to go!

  3. I’m one of those who shops year long and sticks stuff in the closet for future present giving. Thankfully, I have some ‘stuff’ that works last minute. And it’s always smart to have some coffee shop/sandwich shop gift cards stashed. You can always treat yourself if nothing else!

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