The Spell Block Tango

As many of you know I have been struggling to find motivation to get back into writing my book. However, when I do get in the mood I like to listen to Cell Block Tango from Chicago to get myself in the right head space. Since my story is about murder it really gets my mind in the right place. If you haven’t seen the video make sure to check it out here.

Anyways when I saw that there was a Disney rendition of this song I was more than excited. As you all know I am a huge Disney fan and this song is really such a great inspiration for my book I had to see this new video. This video was created by Toddrick Hall and uses Disney Characters to create the “Spell Block Tango”. The video is really well done and I think I may even like it more than the original.

However, with everything amazing, it can always be better. The one thing I struggled with in this video is that Scars is not a female. At the beginning of the video Captain Hook says it is the six murderess’ but Scarz is not a girl. So in this post I would like to suggest three Disney villans that could’ve been use in his place.

As a disclaimer I would like to say that I understand that Scarz was picked for artistic reasons. For one to keep true to the original story line and for two to allow the male writer to be in the video. Honestly it was extremely well done but I thought this post would be a fun way to imagine some Disney villans as murderess’.

Without further ado:

3) Yzma from the “Emperors New Groove: “Well you see Emperor Kuzco was like a son to me. I not only raised him while his parents were just too busy but I was also the family chemist for longer than he can even remember. So when he decided it was time to fire me what was I to do? Without me he would have had nothing so I made sure he knew that, he can’t have anything if he’s dead.”

2) Helga Sinclair from “The Lost Empire: “After throwing me off the balloon with the pathetic words “nothing personal” he basically asked for this. What is a girl to do when the man she loves lets her dies with no remorse? But I didn’t just throw him off a cliff. No that would have been cowardly. I was an army woman and I respected my commander enough to let him die with honor. I shot him right in the heart- the one muscle he seemed to lack.”

1) Lady Tremaine “Cinderella”- “Ah yes I know what you are thinking, ‘how could you kill Prince Charming, what could he have possibly done to you’. Let me explain. Not only did he pick the most wretched of my daughters (if you can even call her that) but he also took away my maid. If I had let him have his way I would have had to clean the floors, the dishes, do the dusting and god knows what else by myself! I couldn’t have that. So I took him away before he could take her. Trust me, you would have done the same!”

Watch the Spell Block Tango here! Let me know what you think!

Alright bloggers what did you think? Any other female villans you can think of that would have made an awesome character for this video?

11 thoughts on “The Spell Block Tango

  1. “However, when I do get in the mood I like to listen to Cell Block Tango from Chicago to get myself in the right head space.”

    It’s so funny you mentioned the movie Chicago because I actually own that film and will watch Cell Block Tango a lot! That scene from the movie is one of my favorites. I have seen the stage version of Chicago (which is very good) but there are certain things about the movie I liked much better – one being Cell Block Tango. The choreography is brilliant!

    Okay, and can I just say that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video clip you shared by Todrick Hall? BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you’re right, I did wonder why Scars was not female!?!

    I love your suggestions here. I would choose Lady Tremaine. I can so see her in Cell Block Tango!

    Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous post, girl! And I think I will watch this video again before leaving your blog.

    Have supa’ weekend!

    • So glad you liked this post Ronnie! You were one of the people I thought of when I posted it. Some of my posts I worry no one is gonna be interested except me but I was hoping this one might give you a smile! So glad to see it did!

  2. I had to laugh at the video. Well, that and I just had a strange visual of the Wicked Witch bumping off some Munchkins…
    Oh….How fun.
    And now I want to drag out Chicago and watch it again!

    • Haha I love this! We need maids that look like Prince Eric if men can have maids like the one on American Horror Story…well the imaginary version of her…eh its complicated…

  3. “Chicago” has to be one of my favorite movie musicals of all time. I saw the show on Broadway in the Seventies with the late, great Jerry Orbach. “Spell Block Tango” is incredible and I commend you on your Scarz replacements. Now get back to that book!

    • Hi Rob! So glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 The book is actually starting to make a comeback in my head but it is taking so long to actually get down on paper. Itll be a miracle if it ever sees the light but if it does you blogging buddies will be first to know!

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