Celebrity Pets

Back in August, I heard a story about Justin Bieber and his pet monkey. For those of you who haven’t heard what happened here are the cliff notes.

Justin Bieber took his monkey on tour with him when he went to Germany. He did not have the proper paperwork for the monkey so it was confiscated. He had until May 1 to produce the paperwork or they would take custody of the monkey. Beiber has not paid up and Germany has posted a notice about the $8000.00 he now owes for the care of the monkey and says he faces denied access to the country and they have the right to take possession of other items to make up the cost.

This story seems to fit Beiber perfectly. Clearly he didn’t care enough about the Monkey to reclaim it (the monkey now lives at the Germany zoo) and he is not concerned about the consequences. Since then though I have seen some other celebrity pets that I just feel plain bad for. Here are three celeb pets that I feel bad for.

1) Amanda Seyfried’s dog:

I get that the dog is dressed up in her Lovelace outfit but cmon the poor dog.

2) Hannah Spear’s Dog:

Don’t get me wrong my dog sometimes wears some cute outfits but anything on the head is a no go. This poor pooch looks miserable!

3) Vanilla Ice’s Pot Bellied Pig:

Alright so there is not a pig in the picture above. However, apparently the Kangaroo Vanilla Ice is holding shares an enclosure with the pig. According to Vanilla Ice the Kangaroo humps the pig and he thinks “the pig likes it.” Can you say poor pig?

Have you heard any Celeb Pet stories that make you say poor pet?

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Pets

  1. Once again Shea, interesting and FUN post!

    Loved the photos!

    Several years ago, Paris Hilton made a guest appearance in the store I work at to promote one of her new fragrances (however, I wasn’t there the night she came in), and brought her chihuahua with her, while she sat and signed autographs. The Chihuahua was actually part of the advertising campaign, because if you bought a bottle of her perfume, you also got a small, chihuahua stuffed toy!

    Poor pet.

    Oh, and I have to say that I once knew a girl who actually had a Pot Bellied Pig as a pet. She and her husband kept it inside their third floor condo in Florida – I kid you not. It was HUGE. And when I went in to visit her one afternoon, the pig tried to RAM me with its head when I sat down on the couch. HA!

    Have a super weekend, girl!

    • Paris Hilton was absolutely considered for this post but I figured she was so well known I would give the spot light to a few other pets. As usual you have seen it all Ronnie! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Ever heard of Jiggy? It’s the small rat-like dog that Lisa Vanderpump carts around and dresses up. Andy Cohen did some marriage ceremony between Jiggy and this hairless cat owned by another Real Housewife. It’s all wack to me, but I’m not a pet person.

  3. Hahaha, would that be considered beastiality to let the kangaroo screw the pig??? And yeah, if I was attached to my monkey (as I am), I would do everything possible to get him back! Clearly he is still an irresponsible kid! I’m surpised you didn’t include any pics of Paris Hilton and her little purse dogs in this post. Great post once again!!!

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