Have We Become Prudes?

In this day and age sex is literally all around us. One minute we might be watching Miley Cyrus make out with a hammer and the next minute we are watching half naked women dance around Robin Thicke. This is the society we have created for ourselves. Like it or not, we are sex fanatics.

So why does it seem when it comes to politics we have become prudes? The politician who brought this to my attention is Anthony Weiner. Now, although I have enjoyed watching every satire from the danger theme song to commentary on just how appropriate his name is, it begs the question, what does this have to do with politics? Yes, he lied. So does every other politician every time his mouth opens. Not only are we not voting for him but every news outlet and comedian in the USA has taken to publicly shaming him. So I decided to look back a little and see if we were always this way.

The biggest sex scandal I can think of in my lifetime is that of Bill Clinton. Every jokester in the world came out for this one. And I have to admit I laughed. This scandal even went as far as impeaching him but thankfully the Senate acquitted him. And you know what? It had NOTHING to do with how he did as a president. Actually in my opinion he did very well as a President besides that. But regardless of your political views his relations with another woman was none of our business and luckily we figured that out before it was too late.

But back in the day, we never even tried to make it our business. According to Anthony Man, at the Sun Sentinel; “here are weeks when Kennedy was with three different women, not including his wife. He would occasionally have threesomes in the White House pool with two women in their 20s from the secretarial pool, even though, he said, “they did not type.” And Kennedy said he’d get headaches if he went more than two days without sex.”

During this time plenty of President’s engaged in affairs that may not have made them the best of men. But you know what? We didn’t care. So here’s my task to you. Look at your boss. Now imagine they are having an affair with their spouse. Do you care? Does it affect you getting a paycheck everyday? Does it affect the way the business is conducted? I didn’t think so. So stop basing political decisions on sexual indiscretions and focus on the issues at hand.

So bloggers, what do you think. Have we become prudes?

16 thoughts on “Have We Become Prudes?

  1. If a spouse is willing to cheat on the person they made a lifetime vow to, I hardly believe they are going to take their political vows seriously. I don’t think it has to do with being a prude, unless you think it’s ok to cheat on your spouse. That’s a deal breaker in my book!

    • I don’t think its okay to cheat but I do think it is a little naive of us to not notice that there is a large percentage of unhappy marriages that there aren’t good people who do cheat. I would never marry a man who cheated but that doesn’t mean I think they couldn’t be good at their job.

  2. Great post, but I think it is more than us being prudes… we are so obsessed with sexual propriety that we hold sexual conduct above any other measure of a person’s worth or performance, We are both prudes and sexually obsessed.

  3. Weiner just seems douchey, sex or not, Clinton was good so although he got made fun of, lots didn’t really care, they just cared enough to make fun and pass it on mainly. But cheating is a douchy move no matter what, if people break their vows to those they are close with it means nothing for them to break vows to the public they supposedly serve. Bunch of douche bags anyway you put it anyway.

    • I agree cheating is a douchy thing but are we forgetting we are talking about politics. These people lie, cheat and defame other people just because they can. No one expects a politician to be much more than a snake.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. While a politician’s personal behavior may not hinder his ability to do his job well, it does reflect on who he is as a person. I have more of an issue with Americans’ casual acceptance of horrible behavior, and our ability to forgive these celebrities and so-called role models. They continue to behavior this way because they can get away with it, and many times even advance their career.

    • I agree that we as Americans are a bit too casual with accepting some things. I guess my feelings are mixed as well I just wish we could focus on what people could do in their jobs rather than their personal lives.

  5. Bijoux makes a good point, but I really don’t want to know that much about my politicians private lives. Not so say I want a drug dealer as a prime minister, but I don’t see really personal relationships as any of my business. I’d just rather they be competent and not an embarassment. This is likely too local for you to get it, but most weeks I say a little thanks that I live outside of Toronto so I don’t have to have their mayor.

  6. Awesome blog!!! First off, I LIKE it when Miley gets all weird and sexual. She’s a young, energetic, attractive woman and why shouldn’t she be able to go all crazy if she wants?

    2nd, as far as Anthony WEINER,,, who hasn’t shown theirs on the internet? (Did I just admit to something here?) And yeah, past presidents did their thing and were still good leaders. I think everybody needs their “outlet” and theirs are all sexual in nature. Doesn’t hurt anyone, so I don’t care. Makes them more real.

    As far as looking at my boss, OMG (yes, I just omg’d) that’s exactly what my boss is doing right now!!! AND with a girl from our office!!! So, you know what??? Every time I see him, I think to myself that he’s a prick for what he’s doing. But in fairness, I already thought he was.

    Again, nice blog topic.

    • I have to say it is hilarious how different the male point of view is from the female point of view on these topics. I thought I was pretty much alone in this until your comment. Although I have never exposed myself on the internet (like it seems some people have) I can at least say it is not my business.

      As for your boss, he is a prick but you get paid and at the end of the day that is really what matters. At least in my book!

  7. “And you know what? It had NOTHING to do with how he did as a president. Actually in my opinion he did very well as a President besides that. But regardless of your political views his relations with another woman was none of our business.”

    Amen, and couldn’t agree with you more. I had NOTHING to do with how he did as a president. It’s none of my business what he did with his sex life. And I don’t think how someone behaves sexually reflects how they are in their jobs. They are completely two different things.

    I don’t think it has to do with the public or media being a prude about it, I think it has more to do with GOSSIP.

    FAB post, Shae! You GO, girl!


  8. Here in India we have a culture which demands that women be respected like they are goddesses. But, u know culture is culture. One may not follow it if he/she don’t feel it right, and these are increasingly being ignored with each day.
    People themselves engaging in all sorts of nonsense and later on they behave like the sky has fallen on their heads when they find their spouses even looking at any other male/female. The most ridiculous thing I have noticed among my friends that boys ogle at other girls all the time and expect their own partners to be true to the bone :/ . Then they are also some of the loudest voices while criticizing others for being so called “unfaithful”. This double standard pisses me off!
    bdw, I have no idea about what goes on in girls’ heads, so no comments about that 😛 Lastly I do agree with u. Instead of running with a stick after the likes of Bill Clinton we should focus more at the pressing issues at hand. Go to hell with what he did, if he serves his position right he is great, otherwise throw him out.

    • I love that in your culture you treat women like goddesses. I wish that was more of a common trend. It seems around here women are mostly just looked at as sex objects and it is increasingly more depressing as you go through life.

      But thank you for agreeing with me. Sex and politics are living in separate worlds and we should acknowledge that and focus on the issues at hand.

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