Cestlavie’s Twisted Mixtape

So recently I became blogging buddies with Jen Kehl. On her blog she hold something called “Twisted Tuesday Mixtape”. She also encourages her blogging buddies to participate by posting their own “mix-tape’s” on their blog. I have read many people’s mix tapes. Some are dedicated to a friend, some a lover, some a family member and some a time in their lives. I dabbled with many different ideas for my mix-tape. I thought of making one for my 13 year old sister and all we have been through, I thought of making one for my best friend. But, none of them really excited me. But then it came to me!

I decided to create a “Relationship” mix-tape. This would be the tape that runs the gamet from the beginning of the relationship to the bitter end. This is for any girl who is still in the dating world. Without further ado- my mix-tape:

Relationship Mix-Tape:

Mandy Moore- Crush

Alright girls, this is that first feeling you get. You know this stage. When you look at him but quickly look away because you aren’t quite sure he feels the same. Just the thought of him makes you smile. But, nothing has really happened just yet. You are basically an admirer for now. This is where it all begins 🙂


Taylor Swift- Our Song

Now you have hooked him and you are finally dating. You are in the honey moon stage here. Everything seems promising and you are both blissfully looking towards the future!

Brad Paisley- Then

This is the moment when you believe he is the guy you are going to marry. Everything has just gotten better and better and you can’t imagine your life with anyone else. But, don’t get comfortable ladies- what goes up must come down.

Brandy and Monica- The Boy Is Mine

You are still head over heels in love here but some other girl is starting to encroach on your territory. This is where you make your claim for your man and get prepared to fight. But the groundwork for distrust is laid and things are starting to fall apart.

Luke Bryan- Do I

Alright, this is the moment where you start questioning everything. He just doesnt seem to care as much anymore and you begin to wonder why you are even fighting. Is it worth it?

Band Perry- Done

Nope its not worth it. You can’t fight for both sides. A relationship is a two way street. Moving on. He will miss you. His loss.

I hope this made you smile at least a little. Of course there are amazing relationships out there and this in no ways means I dont believe in true love. But I think every one of us go through this kind of relationship before we find the right one. I’m still on that journey.

So ladies (or fellas) what are the songs you listen to during the various stages of your relationships?

12 thoughts on “Cestlavie’s Twisted Mixtape

  1. Shae, I think it’s so awesome you’re participating in this!

    AWESOME selection of music! I watched only the first video in completion, but will stop back later in the week to watch the rest.

    The song I listen to pertaining to relationships is Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are.” It reminds me of my first serious relationship – it was our “theme song.” Even today, whenever I hear it, I think back to that time.

    Happy Monday, girl! Enjoy your week!


  2. I love a good breakup song…..in fact, there are some grudges I still hold, so I love songs like Third Eye Blind’s ‘How’s It Gonna Be?’ Barenaked Ladies ‘The Apartment’ ranks up there too!

  3. Well, I’m in a bit of a unique situation given himself and I did years of a long distance relationship. I’d say both of us relate the climax (heyhey….watch that mind!) to Rascal Flatts “I’m Moving On”.
    Prior to this deal, oh….pick any “I don’t need anybody or anyone” song from the 80’s or 90’s. LOL. I think I happily hummed them all at one time or another.

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