Why We Should Cancel Our Use of “Canceled”!

I will warn you before I get into this that this was not a scheduled post. This is the English nerd in me about to rant! So, I was at work when outlook sent me a little pop up, “Marketing Meeting Has Been Canceled”.

Now anyone who is not an English nerd would probably be super excited to get that pop-up. No meeting means more time to do work. More time to write and more time to research. But that was not the problem! The problem was the word “canceled”. The word stuck out to me like a sore thumb. Is that REALLY how you spell it? All this time through all my schooling, I have been spelling it wrong? Outlook couldn’t be wrong could they?!

So I took to Google to figure this out. And to my surprise there weren’t a lot of good answers out there. The general discussion out there was the word was originally spelled “cancelled” but around the 1980’s America decided to adopt the spelling “canceled” and it has been widely accepted and used in publications in the states.

Now, although Americans always think they are right this doesn’t mean this is the “right” spelling so I decided to dig a little deeper. And I found the rule. And guess what Americans, you are doing it wrong!

The rule is: “The rule behind this is that verbs which end in a short vowel sound require the final consonant of the verb to be repeated in the past tense version of the verb, whereas verbs that end in a long vowel sound do not require repeating the final consonant”

Once I found out that we, as Americans, were doing it wrong. I took to Facebook to see how many people thought they knew the “right” way to do things. To my surprise people thought this was a case of where you use the word, or some other rule like that and they were certain enough to start a little Facebook brawl.

Picture 4

Still learning to do screenshots but you get the gist

So to all my friends out there who think because America has adopted the spelling “canceled” that makes it right, you are wrong. There are rules in the English language for a reason. Just because one day we decide to break said rule doesn’t make it right.

How do you guys choose to spell this word? Does one spelling bother you or does it make no difference either way?

Rant out!

23 thoughts on “Why We Should Cancel Our Use of “Canceled”!

  1. I remember having that exact same thought somewhere in my late teens/early twenties. I was working at a pool at the time and lessons had to end abruptly, and the sign was put up with one L and I thought it looked wrong. I am in the double L camp.

    Mind you, I’m Canadian. We are rather confused as to who to follow for spelling, the UK (ie. colour) or the US (tires, not tyres).

    • Yes, that is the problem. I think if we are going to break a rule those of us who choose to follow the rule should at least be allowed to use it without being penalized with that awful red line!

  2. Rules were made to be broken….So many other things to be really bothered by…If it bothers You, do it the way you choose and chill on the way others do it. It’s your pet peeve, therefore you should do what feels right for you. I’ll respect your need to be nerdy and love ya anyway…(s). 🙂

    • You are right there are plenty of other things to be bothered by. But to me its the little things that add up to the big things. If we cant agree on the spelling of a word how are we expected to agree on the larger issues?

  3. Okay, so I had to quickly look this up online before commenting and supposedly either way is acceptable. However, I’ve always spelled it with 2 LL’s. Although, I am truly one of the WORST spellers alive, so what do I know? I’ve gotten to a point where I have to quickly Google a word before I publish my posts because I suddenly can’t remember HOW to spell a word?!?

    Many of the dictionary websites I check my words on say that we “Americans” spell things one way, while the “English” spell it another.

    FAB post topic, Shae! Have a super weekend, girl!


  4. When using sms lingo, use it like that. ” in txt msgs v wrt cncld”
    But when writing full English, I feel one should write it like it is written formally. Mixing up these two together makes it hell hard for me to read at a glance. Feels like putting my sunglasses on and off repeatedly 😀

  5. THANK You…….I have been bothered by this, but figured maybe I was just losing it! I alwayed thought it was spelled cancelled, until about 10 years ago, noticing it was spelled with just one ‘l’ in newspapers and online. It looked so strange to me that it always caught my eye. Now I know I’m not crazy.

    Can we now talk about alot? LOL

  6. Cancelled.But as I type canceled, my computer didn’t underline it as a spelling error, so I guess either way works for the Internet. But I’ll stick with the right way, which happens to be your way too. 🙂

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