Kraft an Indian Giver?

Now honestly, this was not on my list of scheduled blog topics. However, I sent out a short tweet about how John McCain should be worried about more important things than a Super Bowl ring and I realized that this was not the popular opinion. I am of course a Patriots fan and I understand the importance of said ring but the story sort of baffles me.

Since I know not every one of you is from New England I will give you a quick recap of what happened. Apparently, Russian President Vladmir Putin stole the coveted Super Bowl ring on a trip Robert Kraft took to Russia. Putin denied he claim and offered to make a replica ring with precious metals and a genuine stone if “it meant that much to him”. Later, Kraft said that the ring was in face a gift to Putin but he would appreciate it if was returned. Now, with the Syria events circling Senator John McCain is saying the Russians should bring said ring with them when they come to discuss Syria. Just an odd circle of events is it not?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term “Indian Giver” comes from “different commercial practices. To the Native Americans, who had no concept of money or currency, gifts were a form of trade goods, of exchange. One didn’t give a gift without expecting one of equivalent value in return. If one could not offer an equivalent return gift, the original gift would be refused or returned. To the Europeans, who with their monetary-based trade practices, this seemed low and insulting, gifts were not for trade but were to be freely given.”

My question now is, would Kraft be considered an Indian Giver? Did he maybe “gift” this ring to President Putin hoping for something of “equal value” in return? If so, what could he want?

What I know is Robert Kraft is one of the most impeccable sports franchise owner’s in the industry. So whatever he is doing he is doing it right. So maybe this is something we should learn from. Maybe Indian Giving is making a comeback? Honestly, if this man jumped out of a plane I would be right along side him so I dont mind partaking in a little Indian Giving.

What do you think? Could this be a start of a new trend or do you think the ring could actually have been stolen?

12 thoughts on “Kraft an Indian Giver?

  1. I originally heard that Kraft was letting Putin “borrow” the ring, or letting him check it out and then the ring got whisked away. So I thought maybe there was something lost in translation from Kraft saying “Dude, check out my ring” and Putin thinking “Hey dude, take my ring”. But now I don’t know. I guess if Kraft wants it back because of Russia being a former friend and now just a pain in the ass, then Kraft should just look at it like a wedding ring to an ex-wife; a bad, expensive mistake!

  2. Shae, you always share such interesting topics of debate. Like Jenny, I don’t think I ever knew exactly what the term Indian Giver meant. I though it just meant taking something back you gave.

    I don’t know, but perhaps the ring WAS in fact stolen?!?

    “Just an odd circle of events is it not?”

    Yes, indeed!

    Have a super weekend, girl!

    • I don’t know it could have been but if it was why does Kraft keep changing the story? Just confuses me. Glad you learned something new while reading the post though! Fun tidbit I thought 🙂

  3. My goodness, I couldn’t even begin to guess on any of this. It’s one reason I hope I’m not called for Jury Duty again. Well, actually, my name is in the jury duty pot for this round, but am hoping that it will remain hidden. Even when people give all the “facts” it often isn’t clear to me. So many motives remain hidden. So many views are partial. I think I’ll go eat another cookie. 🙂

    • See I find Jury Duty fun but you are right it is hard to figure out what really happened even with all the facts laid out. Problem is there are three sides to every story, my side, your side and the truth.

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