Colbert vs. Daft Punk

Alright, I realize I am a little late to jump on this topic but after the VMA’s I felt like it was something I wanted to talk about and I really doubt everyone know about it.

To start with I am a nerd and I really love comedy news shows and talk shows. I watch the Colbert Report, Daily Show and various talk shows as often as possible. My reasoning for the most part is the actual news is far too depressing. I need to know what is going on in the world without all the negative takeaways.

Anyways, about a month ago, the Colbert Report had Daft Punk scheduled to show up for one of his big summer shows. They were supposed to perform their big hit as the “song of the summer”. However, the day before the show, Colbert was notified that they were scheduled as a surprise guest at the VMAs (which just happened last week) so they couldn’t go to any other appearances.

Colbert was left scrambling to fill the spot he had booked for two months a day before the show. He was able to get a star studded parody created and he booked Robin Thicke. I think all in all the show was MUCH better than it would have been had Daft Punk shown up.

But, last week I watched the VMA’s. Daft Punk didn’t even perform! All they did was go up on stage and present an award to Taylor Swift! You are telling me they couldn’t appear at the Colbert Report because they had to present an award?!? Robin Thicke was part of one of the most talked about performances at the VMA’s and he had no problem appearing, last minute at that! Someone please explain this to me!

I guess the whole thing just really confused me and what confused me more was reading some others opinions on it on the web. Many believed Colbert fabricated the story to promote Daft Punk’s appearance. Seriously people?!?! Why would Colbert care about promoting a show a month from that day on an entirely different network?!?!

All I am gonna say is I think Robin Thicke is a better performer than Daft Punk anyways and Colbert was ended up with a better show overall. That being said the situation was unfair. Do you think MTV owes Stephen an apology? Or do you feel Stephen owes them an apology for dissing them on television after it happened?

Enjoy the hilarious video as a great way to kick off your week!

4 thoughts on “Colbert vs. Daft Punk

  1. Shae, because I don’t watch TV, I had no idea about this topic so can’t really voice my opinion.

    However, I will say, the video ROCKED!!!!

    Colbert can REALLY move!

    Have a fab week, girl!

  2. When I first saw this video, I thought it was hilarious too, esp. The part with Henry Kissinger. But I’m not 100% sure that Colbert wouldn’t make the whole Daft Punk cancelation thing up. He is too much! I follow him on FB because I can’t watch the show everyday and he always cracks me up. I think he’s way more funny than John Stewart.

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