Oui Oui- Ladies Agree, Accents Bring Sexy Back

When it comes to the things that attract a lady to a man, all girls are different. Some girls (like me) go for the bad boy look. Some girls, go for the pretty boy look. Some girls are attracted to a man’s sense of humor and some girls are attracted to a man’s wallet. But, one common thread runs through most of us girls, accents make us go wild.

I am not even sure the type of accent matters. Whether it be a proper english accent, an australian accent or even just a good old southern accent. Whatever it is, the accent can make an average guy seem gorgeous!

There are of course many celebrities who benefit from this universal truth. However, there is one celebrity who takes this to a whole new level of sexy. That celebrity is Bradley Cooper.

On my many times surfing Youtube, I found a video of Bradley Cooper not only with an accent, but speaking an entire other language for an interview! This man is beautiful before he even opens his mouth. But when the french words flow out of him with the perfect accent he literally becomes an angel on earth. I could watch the interview over and over again and never get bored even though I do not have the slightest clue what he is saying.

Need to know what I am talking about? See for yourself!

Ahh, see what I mean? This video is bound to put a smile on your face to start the week off right!

So bloggers, do you know any other celebrities who harness the power of the accent to captivate their audience?

16 thoughts on “Oui Oui- Ladies Agree, Accents Bring Sexy Back

  1. Yeah, I’m a sucker for an accent too. Totally worth a point or two in a hotness scale. And like you say, it doesn’t seem to matter much where the accent is from so long as they sound intellegent while talking.

  2. “But when the french words flow out of him with the perfect accent he literally becomes an angel on earth.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Loved that, Shae! And I also feel that way about the Italian accent.

    Love the romantic languages!

    And Brady Cooper?

    I agree with you!

    Have a FABU Monday, girl!


  3. I didn’t think he could be any sexier – but speaking French did it. Thank you for sharing! I’m a sucker for an Irish or Scottish accent.Gerard Butler is one of my favorites. I would do anything he said if he talked to me in that accent…

  4. I like certain accents on women. I don’t like the English or French accent though. Don’t know why, it just annoys me! And I hate when American celebs (like Madonna) jut develop an English accent all of a sudden. But I guess a Russian, Australian, or an Asian accent is sexy. But for me, I’ll just have to keep using my “Bad Boy” Boston accent for now!

  5. Bad boys, pretty boys, funny men, men with money……I LOVE them all! Haha……but I guess I could do without rednecks and guys with piercings. Yes, the accent is definitely sexy. My fave is an Italian accent. Very HOT!

    I like the new look!

  6. “This man is beautiful before he even opens his mouth.”

    Hey, what a coincidence–so am I! And I’ve got an authentic Brooklyn accent to go with my awesome looks.

    But seriously, folks, I used to get annoyed at people who gushed on about person’s accent, grumbling that an accent is not a skill. And then fate introduced me to a woman from the Deep South and I every time she laid that Dixie talk on me, I would melt into a incoherent pile of protoplasm.

    Y’all come back now, hear?

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