Save Figment!

As many of my blogging buddies know by now, I am a self proclaimed Disney nerd. I have grown up surrounding by disney movies, shows and toys. My family took multiple vacations to Disney world. I even worked in Disney world for a short period of time. With this information out there it is no surprise that distressing news like retiring a beloved character might get my panties in a twist.

Figment, is the purple dragon that appears in the Journey to Imagination ride in Epcot. This little guy’s ride has been through quite a few revamps  but he has been in the park for quite some time. The first revamp of the ride actually took Figment away and the people pushed back. Everyone wanted to see Figment back in the ride. Disney listened, and Disney returned Figment with another revamp.

I will be the first to admit that Figment has not been the same since the original ride. Disney tried to do multiple things with the ride and the results have ranged from creepy to annoying. But Figment is still one of my favorite Disney characters hands- down. He has a place in the park and I hate to see rumors of him retiring.

Whats worse? The rumor is that Disney will replace him with Phineas and Ferb. Now, I get the idea of capitalizing on characters that have made the company money. However, I think there is something to be said for park only characters. Anyone who has not been to the park won’t know who Figment is but likely if they know someone who has been they will want to see him. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I think a park only character is a draw for a larger audience (not that Disney needs any help luring guests!).

Figment was a ride that appealed to all ages (at least in its original form). Phineas and Ferb just by its association with a kids show will deter adults guests. I think this should seriously be considered before retiring the beloved dragon!

So I turn to you bloggers, is anyone else sad to hear of the possible retirement of Figment? If so, share this post! Get the word out and let Disney know you want Figment to stay. Disney listened once we just have to make sure they hear!

16 thoughts on “Save Figment!

  1. I think it’s always sad when they retire a character. I got a kick when I visited Kings Island and saw characters from the past like Captain Caveman and Hong Kong Phooey.

    • This is why I am trying to get the word out there! For anyone who doesn’t know who might care maybe they will share this post and if enough do maybe Disney will listen. Disney is where dreams come true right?

  2. Figment is more than a little purple dragon. He’s an institution! The removal of Figment from Epcot will be a deathblow to Epcot. After the removed Horizons, Body Wars, and Walter Cronkites voice in Spaceship Earth there is very little left of the original Epcot. In fact, I find little reason to visit the lower part of Epcot and even less without Figment. They might as well just rename it the World Showcase and call it a day.

    • This is very true. However, in my head if they swap it out with Phineas and Ferb they will do what they have done with many rides, keep the general concept of the ride just swap out the characters to more familiar ones. Its cheap and quick. I want to save the character- he is what makes the ride!

  3. Being someone who lived in Orlando, Florida and visited Disney MANY times, yes, I do know who Figment is, but hadn’t heard of his retirement. DRATS! That’s a damn shame because as Denis shared, he’s an INSTITUTION!!!

    I remember when they retired the ride, “Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea” and was so upset because I LOVED that ride!

    I agree with you, they should NOT retire Figment 😦

    Boo to Disney!!!

    Thanks for posting this, Shae!


    P.S. Do you know what my favorite ride in Disney is? “Peter Pan’s Flight” OMG..I can ride it over and over again!!!

  4. You can not remove figment. He isn’t a dragon. He represents the creativity and imagination of kids everywhere. I mean that’s where is name csme from figment of your imagination. I mean in essence that’s what Walt Disney created the parks for. To show off his creativity and to continue to foster imaginations in evrry child. I mean losing figment is in essence saying its all about money and not the imaginationnand arts anymore

    • I wouldnt quite go that for but I agree with the sentiment. Figment stands for more than just a cute purple dragon. But the idea really all started with a mouse and he still is in the center of it all, we do have to credit Disney with that.

  5. Definitely SHOULD NOT retire him, his ride, his show, his movie career or his memory!!!! I wouldn’t want to see him on celebrity rehab because of this! I’d get a tattoo of Figment and march right down to Disney and protest if I didn’t already have 5 dragon tattoos already!!!

  6. I’m not the one to ask about anything Disney-related. I almost died of fright on Space Mountain a few years ago and I haven’t had anything to do with Mickey & Co. ever since.

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