Internet Stalking is Socially Acceptable

I came across an article the other day that said, Dwyane Wade took a girl to prom after she asked him via youtube. The whole event was a complete surprise as he wasn’t sure he would be able to attend but he ended up showing up and completely surprising the girl. Many of the articles I read on this focused on how sweet it was of him and how she took a 1 in a million shot and it worked out for her. But for me all I kept thinking is how celebrity stalking has taken on a whole new form.

Has anyone else joined twitter? I started one awhile ago but never got hooked until…I became a fan of celebrity stalking. There are so many celebrities on twitter its hard to choose who to follow, and more importantly who to stalk. So I started small. Quite a few posts back you may remember by mention of Josh Krajcik, the singer from X-factor that I adore. Well I decided to tweet him in hopes of an answer- and I didn’t just get one I got two! It started with a re-tweet:


And then I asked him a question and he replied!



I was in absolute heaven when I received these! Of course I have tried multiple forms of internet stalking since then- facebook, more tweets…ect and to no avail. I may have become creepy to him…so on to next celebrity…Anthony Tyler Quinn.

I am sure you bloggers remember a few posts back I blogged about Anthony Tyler Quinn and his role as Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World? Since then I have been tweeting him hoping for a re-tweet or a reply- no luck yet. I will keep trying!


So bloggers, have you gotten wrapped up in the internet stalking craze? Who is your celeb of choice at the moment?

18 thoughts on “Internet Stalking is Socially Acceptable

  1. I don’t stalk celebrities. Just girls I know. That way I can actually “follow” them! Haha! But nope, no celebrity stalking for me. And I don’t ever have anything interesting enough to say to use my Twitter account.

    • I never really did either but I am starting to like it more and more. I think you just need to find the right followers to get yourself immersed in the twitter community.

    • That was my problem when I started, I just followed people I know and that was boring. Who cares what Suzy had for lunch and blah blah. But, I do care what Ben Savage is doing or Anthony Tyler Quinn. THAT i am interested in 🙂

  2. “And then I asked him a question and he replied!”

    That is like WAY cool, Shae!!! And replied…TWICE!!!

    I used to blog with a women from NY who used to twitter back and forth with a celebrity fashion guru. I can’t remember his name, but he wrote several books. Anyway, she had SUCH crush on him, but he was GAY. OMG..she use to twitter-stalk him constantly – HA!

    I used to be on Twitter many, many years ago, before it became really popular. However, I never used it, so I cancelled my account. But most of my blogging friends Twitter and love it!

    Again, great post topic, girl!

    Hope you’re having a FABU week!


    • Haha thats awesome! But that fact that he continued to tweet her is amazing. I want to find a celebrity I can have a twittermance with lmao! Sad you are not on twitter I think you would have some pithy tweets out there!

  3. You know I have a Twitter account but I hardly ever look at the damn thing. I’m old fashioned–I just Google stuff. Most of the celebrities I consider stalk-worthy have joined the choir invisible. Oh, well…

  4. ha! asking celebs on a date via youtube is growing. i probably would only ask boris kodjoe out and then have the nerve to ask him to leave his wife at home. hehe. i don’t follow too many celebs. i did get a reply and RT from marshon brooks who was on my favorite basketball them, the brooklyn nets. otherwise i’m ignored.

  5. I don’t use Twitter. I guess I use FB sometimes like Twitter by just posting a status about what I’m doing. I follow a couple of celebs on FB… Julian Lennon is one that comes to mind.
    I have a hard enough time getting people to comment on my blog or FB. Yes, I have regulars which I adore and enjoy hearing from, but if I can’t get more than about 10 or 15 people here or at FB to follow me, I’d never say anything interesting enough to Twitter or Tweet about it. LOL

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