The Whining Wife

Lately I have been putting up a lot of pro-women posts, making me look like I favor my gender over the other. However, I am actually someone who favors the company of men over women. Although I am a feminist in that I believe women can be just as strong as men and handle many of the same if not more activities and work that men can, I find all too often women play the dumb or weak card. This post I want to talk about what I have decided to name “The Whining Wife”.

Just imagine it saying “whining” instead of “nagging”

You all know someone like this girl. This is the woman who throws a temper tantrum in the middle of a store because her husband won’t have the dinner she wants to have. This is the girl who accuses her husband of cheating on her by blubbering incessantly and hiccuping her way through the argument.

This girl either depends entirely on her husband financially or pretends to. She bats her eyes and sweetens her voice expecting to get what she wants. If she can’t get what she want she finds the inner five year old and harnesses it with all she has.

This is the type of woman that gives us girls a bad rap. She makes us look weak and childish. Although I realize often this act is a ploy of manipulation it is the wrong way to play the game. If we women want to be respected as equals or even superiors we need to start acting like it.

I came across this video on youtube and could only shake my head. Video’s like this are a good part of why women are looked at as the weaker sex.


So bloggers, do you know a whining wife? How do you feel about her childish acts?

13 thoughts on “The Whining Wife

    • That video is HILARIOUS!!! I guess I can laugh at that because my girl is not like that. If I was that girls husband/boyfriend, I would carry that video around with me after we broke up so I could play it for anybody that asked why we broke up. But hey, women, men gotta do what they gotta do to get their way. Why do you think I pretend that I don’t know how to fold the laundry? Huh? Same reason why women do what they do. lol

      • Problem is Randy, this girl isn’t effectively getting what she wants by acting like a child, she is annoying him. I play the “I’m too short” card all the time. But, I dont annoy anyone with it, I just state a fact and avoid the task with a small smile.

  1. Uggg if I had to deal with that every day I hope someone would take me out behind the barn and shoot me, putting me out of my misery haha Yes, know plenty of those too, not my favorite people.

  2. I’m with you. I prefer working with at an even gender mix toward mostly men. I’ve worked with all women before and it’s usually constant gossip to catty fighting. I have to work pretty hard at my current job, and I’ve got the muscle to prove it, but I’ll have to move faster than the guys sometimes. They don’t like it when I show them up. 😉

    • Yes I have to agree with you! Women love their drama. I prefer low key/ no stress type days. Thats why I have always been one of the guys and I intend to keep it that way!

  3. I’ve seen quite a few women like this, God forbid my girl ever does that to me, she’ll find herself on the side of the road where ever I’m at. But I’m glad my current girlfriend is only crazy when I am, then we can share being crazy instead of wondering what the hell is wrong with one another.

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