Mice can pee again! Yay science!

According to Fox News, scientists have found a way to restore bladder function to paralyzed mice. Now although this doesn’t sound all that exciting there are many mice out there jumping for joy (or since they can’t jump at least urinating for joy) now! In honor of this historic event I wanted to make note of three major obstacles this will overcome for humanity.

I can pee again?!?!

1) No more mice catheters: Thats right, you heard it here first. Mice will now be able to empty their bladders on their own volition even though they cannot walk. Of course they will still require a bedding change as they will not be able to move around to urinate but they will not need any fancy tubing to help them do it. Yay science!

2) Soda can killer- you can still kill your victims from Leptospirosis. I know this is a wild theory but many of us believe in you and support your work. The man trying to kill his victims by selling soda cans with rat urine, your stock will soon be replenished thanks to scientists today! I will send them a thank you note on your behalf. No thanks needed.

3) OCD moms don’t you worry- you will still know if a mouse is in your home even if paralyzed thanks to scientists. All these buggers need is a little regenerative help from the scientists and they will be marking their territory all over your place in no time.

Humor aside though, this is actually a very good advance for science. This means they are one step closer to help humans who have been paralyzed regain at least some function. This gives a lot of hope to those who believed they didn’t have a chance of a normal life again.

Bloggers, do you know anyone who could benefit from this scientific advance? Share your story!

10 thoughts on “Mice can pee again! Yay science!

  1. Hilarious – but very serious subject 😀 I don’t know any mice or people that need this, but it will certainly be a fantastic advancement for those who do 😉

  2. Shae, you always come up with the BEST post topics, girl!

    OMG…I laughed my ass off at your #1. That was BRILLIANT!

    And you’re right, all kidding aside, this is actually a very good advance for science!

    Again, great topic!

    P.S. What a cute photo of that little mouse. I know this sounds strange, but I find mice adorable!

    • Glad you liked it Ronnie! I made myself laugh a little with the first one too-maybe even peed a little ;). I hope with a little humor this advancement can be more common knowledge. The good things need to be shared rather than just all the bad news!

  3. That is a phenomenal step in the field of science. I know a positive test for humans would benefit some friends elder parents/ grandparents. Fingers crossed cancer cure is next on there list…

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