Discussion: Should Tipping Be Outlawed?

I ran across an article on life hacker that seems to require a response, “http://lifehacker.com/should-tipping-be-outlawed-609343758”. The article is titled, “Should tipping be outlawed?” For me the article wasn’t even what go to me but the comments that followed. One of the jobs I hold is a waitress and I think many people do not realize the importance of tips to us.

One comment on this blog was, ”

Not tipping doesn’t garnish their wages.

They are still required to be paid minimum wage.”

There are two things wrong with this statement. First of all, yes you are correct if within a weeks work we do not make minimum wage we do get the difference in our check. However, if you are like me and tend to make more on weekends then its very likely the weekdays where you don’t make it, the difference is not made up because the week evens out. Basically, I would have wasted a week night working. The other thing wrong with this statement is the fact that this person believes minimum wage is enough for a server. In 2012, Waitress was # 6 on the list of the worst jobs according to Careercast.com.

Anyone who has been in customer service understands that waitressing is not a fun or easy job. If waitresses are told they will make minimum wage and no tips many will quit (including myself). The job is not worth the money. You are constantly on your feet, balancing hot plans all around the restaurant and dealing with customers who equate you to a slave all while smiling.

Tips ensure that the smile stays on my face. As a waitress you put in the extra effort to get the extra dollar. When it ends it little to no tip many of us take mental note and try a little less the next time. Sure, its not fair because it is our job, but its my rent that suffers at the end of the day. For those of you who say no, your pay is fine because you make minimum wage that is not true. I have waitressed for roughly ten years and have a rough idea of how much I should make each day that I work. When I do not make THAT amount my finances suffer. This is not in the minimum wage ballpark.

My hope is that at some point people realize that waitresses ultimately get paid by tips. If you dont believe in tipping or don’t have the money to do so- stay home!


Bloggers what do you think? Should tipping be outlawed?

12 thoughts on “Discussion: Should Tipping Be Outlawed?

  1. “The other thing wrong with this statement is the fact that this person believes minimum wage is enough for a server. In 2012, Waitress was # 6 on the list of the worst jobs according to Careercast.com.”

    Exactly, Shae! And do people not realize that servers RELY on their tips to compensate for their minimum wage???? They get paid by tips. Also, bartenders.

    And as you also shared, being server is one of THE most difficult jobs ever. I tried it myself for a few years and was horrible at it. So I praise those people who can do it and are good at it.

    And no, I don’t think tipping should be outlawed. However, I do think that tipping has gotten out of hand in this country. Why should we have to tip people who say, work in Starbucks, when I know they get paid WAY more than a server per hour. Also, we now have tip jars in deli’s, convenient stores and self-serve yogurt stores. I truly don’t understand that.

    Another GREAT post topic, girl!


    • You are right and its a topic I really didnt explore so thank you for bringing it up Ronnie. Tipping SHOULD be reserved to those whose income relies on it. Places like Dunkin Donuts where the employees get paid a set wage should not have an additional tip jar at the front. I feel like at that point its greed. If you do an exceptional job I will tip you without the reminder of a tip jar in my face.

  2. My sister works as a server/bartender to pay for school, and is a darn good one. It is very hard, between customers and even your fellow servers, to make good money sometimes. Not quite Unsung Heroes but close enough. 😉

  3. I think it should be law that 25% of the bill should be tipped. I know many restaurants include it in the bill whether its 10% or 15%. But working in this field myself in the past I know it’s not enough. If its outlawed we’ll all have to get our own food. Don’t know anyone who would continue with it. Some ppl just have no respect for those in that position and its sad.

  4. I don’t understand the reason for outlawing a tip. Frankly, I enjoy recognizing folks for a job well done! I applaude those who can serve so happily and fully. Oh, I understand folks can have their “moments”, I never get to know where their feet have been that day. But we are human beings, with lives and things and “stuff” that can trip us all up. On those ocassions I try to bring something to the struggling server, and it never ceases to come back to me a thousand fold. 25% is easier for me to figure. LOL. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  5. We always tip in restaurants and try to be generous but tipping has gotten so out of control, at least here in the states anyway, that if I gave a tip to every one who was open to accepting one I’d have to carry a bag of bills around with me everywhere I go. Seems there are tip jars everywhere. I’ve had the discussion with my husband when he used to (maybe still does when I’m not with him) give the change to the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru worker. I’m sorry, but to pour me a cup of coffee and hand it out a window is not worth a cent more than the cup of coffee. Especially when you’d never give the worker at, say, Taco Bell your return change on the order. I don’t get why the coffee house workers can take tips but no one would ever tip a fast food worker. The owners of our local chinese takeout place have a tip container on their counter. I’m calling in my own order, driving to pick it up, in and out of my car, etc. What is the tip for?
    Furniture delivery… some customers tip (we have in the past) but I’m not sure why. Those drivers make decent money. And I’ve had large deliveries from UPS or FedEx but they don’t expect any tip. I guess it’s just hard to keep straight the services that workers want/expect/deserve to be tipped for and what it’s okay to say no to.
    Yes, definitely waiters and waitresses should be tipped. We have gotten excellent service in some restaurants and have been more than happy to tip and give extra when we can but I just don’t know how far out from there we should go.
    Interesting post.

    • A few people have been bringing this up and although I did not think of it when I wrote the post I definitely have to agree. Tipping should not be required when it is not the source of the persons pay. Exceptional service should be rewarded but tipping should not be expected. I think at a certain point it loses its luster.

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