Meet Christopher De Voss: Writer for Zombie Survival Crew

One thing I absolutely love about blogging is being exposed to new people. In the blogosphere you can meet all types of people who get a chance to do interesting things.

One thing my blogging buds might not know about me is I love Zombies. I am obsessed with the Walking Dead, I have seen most Zombie movies on the shelf and I am pretty sure I am a chick you would want with you if a Zombie Appocalypse hit.

In my blogging travels I ran across one of the writers for the “Zombie Survival Crew” and I just couldn’t pass up the chance to interview him and share with you what he had to say:

Interview with Christopher De Voss:


For those who don’t know, what is the general premise of “Zombie Survival Crew?”


The ZSC is a web site/club started by Juliette Terzieff. They specialize in, obviously, tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse. They highlight a lot of TV Shows, Podcasts, Writers, and Artists of the genera. There are a lot of actors and directors that are part of the crew from such shows as The Walking Dead, True Blood, and The Dead Zone. You will have to go to the web site to see the whole list.

How did you get involved in this project?


The ZSC put a request on their web site. Members from all over submitted their stories and poems, and luckily they thought mine was good enough to publish. I was a little nervous because I inject a lot of humor into my zombie fiction, but they seemed to like it. This is the second book of collected Zombie stories published by the Crew.
What was it like working with cast members from the Walking Dead? Which ones particularly were involved?


Unfortunately I did not get to work directly with any cast members of the Walking Dead. However, I have been promised to meet Michael Rooker, so I’m excited about that. Michael Rooker was involved with the book I’m in, and the ZSC helped published IronE Singleton’s (T-Dog) autobiography.


Michael Rooker

I see from the website there is now a Zombie Survival Crew that members can join. What types of tips and tricks to members learn if they join this crew?


You learn everything from how to pack a zombie survival bag, to what to eat, weaponology, and of course how to survive. There is also all sorts of literature, artwork, and merchandise on the web site. Basically something for every zombie enthusiast and it’s free to join. You will be assigned a brigade. I’m in the red brigade, let me know of you’re a fellow redder.

Red Brigade

I perused your blog a little bit and noticed on top of Zombie posts you actually have humor blog topics. What projects beyond Zombie Survival crew have you/ are you working on?


As with every blogger I’m working on a book, but it’s not about zombies. It’s just my ramblings, much like my blog. I have worked for other web sites such as and In addition I was part of an improv/sketch group called Left Of Center. The biggest claim to fame of the group was being booed off the stage while opening for Leon Redbone. Before all of that I worked for a corporation that opened restaurants in the midwest area.

Leon Redbone


Has blogging helped in any way shape your writing career? Any tips to any bloggers who are themselves trying to get published?


You blog because you like too. Don’t expect it to be a way to make a living. Just do it because you want/love too. Some of the talented writers are out there blogging, just doing it because. The blogging community is also a really great place to learn and hone your craft. Plus you can get great tips and support from other bloggers. I’m not saying there isn’t an opportunity to get published, just don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen. Just do it because you want to. There are places where you can self publish both digitally and in book form, such as CreateSpace. I have had blogger friends get published, so there is opportunity out there.
Please add anything you think might be interesting about the book, zombies or related matter.

When it comes to zombie fiction, I really like the short story format, and this book is such a collection. My story is about a group of Zombie Trackers. One team is successful and the other team is frustrated. As with all my stuff, I try to make it light and fun as well as horrific. You can read more of me here: If you like apocalyptic stories minus zombies, check out my series with David Stewart. ( I’m also on Twitter (@chrisdevoss) and Facebook. Yes, I’m the king of shameless self

Bloggers have you had a chance to check this book out? If not its available on Amazon now!
If you were to contribute to the next book what Zombie Survival tips would you give readers?

21 thoughts on “Meet Christopher De Voss: Writer for Zombie Survival Crew

  1. Not sure if I’d be willing to join Michael Rookers team, I’d probably join Norman Reedus… But seriously?! Wow! This book/website is ridiculous! Has more knowledge and training than I thought it did! Epic you got to talk to this guy! Very cool!

  2. *clapping*

    GREAT interview, Shae! You GO, girl!!!

    I have a close blogging friend who ADORES anything Zombie, so I will be sure to tell her about this post.

    And I agree with Christopher…

    “Just do it because you want/love too. Some of the talented writers are out there blogging, just doing it because.”

    Blogging has to come from a passion/love within.

    I do believe that great things can come out of blogging, but money can’t be the primary reason.

    Again, great interview!

    Have a faaaaaaaaaabulous weekend!

    • Hi Ronnie! So glad you got to read the interview! I totally agree with you that blogging is all about passion. I started writing to get readers and honestly it didnt work. Then I decided to just blog for me and it seems readers followed. Do it for you is my motto!

  3. *laughing* I don’t watch television, but on occasion himself passes a channel with dead people eating ucky stuff. I scream and cover my eyes. THAT oughta tell ya how I feel about zombies and the likes. LOL But I like a person who writes with humour and I adore that the interview encouraged people to write because they want to and like it. That’s what it’s all about for me–and reading others who do that!
    Enjoy your weekend, ma’am!
    Hopefully you’re well prepared for the zombies. LOL I’ll be under the bed! 😉 (but don’t tell them that!)

    • Haha nice to see you Mel! Zombies can be quite frightening but I find the whole idea of a Zombie apocalypse fascinating! I would prob be under the bed right along side you but I would be accompanied by a bow and arrow!

  4. I too am a big fan. My daughters bought the first 3 for hubby at Christmas time and now my youngest, who is 10 years old, is an even bigger fan!

  5. This was awesome! I totally love Zombies. Since kid-dom. I am auditioning for Night of the Living Dead – theater production next week!!!! yay!! I already have ‘zombie’ on my resume too…short film I was in. I have shameless zombie love. I don’t care.Would love to find your short stories!! super cool.

    • We cannot all be a fan of zombies but Christopher is a very talented writer and I was really happy to get a chance to learn a little bit more about him. Thanks for stopping by.

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