Facebook for Dogs?

So the other day I came across an interesting statistic: 10 % of Facebook users are non human. This got me to thinking if they are not human what are they? I wracked my brain thinking of all the crazy things on Facebook and I have come up with the top 3 funniest non- human Facebook profile types I have encountered:

3) Toasters- Yes you read that right Toasters. At first I thought it was a fan page (because I mean seriously who does not love toasters) but no my friends it is an actual page for a toaster. This isn’t even a page for the Brave Little Toaster, if it was I would friend him. Who wouldnt want to be his friend? Nope this is a Toaster. Plain and simple. And from the looks of his wall posts this Toaster seems to enjoy art work. So whats next does the Fridge get a Facebook page too?

Wanna be my friend?

2) Facebook Parody Pages- these pages range from making fun of Barack Obama to making fun of Satan himself. Now I classify these as “non human” because he person whose name is attached to these pages are in no way affiliated with said pages. Thus, it is not a page for an individual or a human.

1) Pets! Now Don’t get me wrong here my dog is my absolute best friend. However, the last time I checked she did not have opposable thumbs so there is no way she is updating her Facebook status! Many of the pages are very cute with pictures and stuff but the image of seeing my pooch at the computer typing to her friends is one I really can’t quite get out of my head.


This begs the question though. What other bizzare non-human Facebook pages have you come across bloggers?


19 thoughts on “Facebook for Dogs?

  1. Shae, these are HILARIOUS – especially the TOASTER!!!!

    “So whats next does the Fridge get a Facebook page too?”


    I am no longer on FB. I deleted my account about a year ago because I hardly ever used it, except to import my blog posts to my profile so that my friends from various parts of the U.S. could keep up with what was going on in life. But since FB no longer offers a blog post import feature, I just deleted my account. Now my friends just read my blog.

    Love the photo of the dog! How cute is that!

    Have a super week, girl!

    • Haha glad you loved the Toaster thing. When I found that page I was like what? Seriously?

      As for the blog I post the link to it as my status when it goes up so my friends can have easy access to my blog. I think most of the ones who actually read it though actually follow the blog but still its nice to post it.

  2. I’m sure Facebook has a non-human tracking device that is responsible for always sending me the “Hornet #1 Gay Social Network” app suggestion. I think it got its wires crossed on that one. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it.) And all four of my cats have Catster accounts and they have more friends than ME!!!

  3. Well there not exactly non human but people making facebooks for there children…I’m talking less than a year old lol.

    can’t wait to see Maxie’s page btw lol

    great post keep them coming

    • I actually almost mentioned this but then I had a change of heart. Maybe facebook for a really young child could be a good thing because then when they are able to take it over it will be a complete documentation of their life.

    • I think if you looked under “Things” under the “Nerdy Things of the World” you might have better luck finding yourself ;). Thanks for sharing the Ghostbusters page now I cant get the theme song out of my head!

  4. I’ve noticed all these odd pages and I just don’t get it either 😯 I know someone who opened a FB page as a fridge as a joke (but I’m still not sure why!) 😀

  5. I’ve never had a problem wondering if my pup is browsing social networking sites. How ever I am wondering if ill catch her on a porn site. I always walk in on her chasing that tail…

  6. I am guilty of liking a few cat pages, and I did have a second thought about liking them. My husband is addicted to Foster Dad John’s kitten cam, right now it’s the Mythbuster Kittens. After the littler have been adopted, some of the owners set up pages for the kittens. After watching them grow for 8 weeks, you get kind of attached to them, it is nice of these people to let us see a few pictures as they grow up.

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