Boost Your Happiness and Success!

I walk into work the other day and see a color article sitting on my desk. The title reads “Boost Your Happiness and Success.” My Co-worker calls out to me and says “I saw it and thought of you so I had to bring it in!.” Now, I know my co-worker left this for me because I tease the entire office about their messy desks, however this article really gave some good advice. So, bloggers I decided to share this advice with you to help you boost your own happiness and success!


Boost Your Salary -with a messy desk!

If you are like me this one is a done deal- no further action required. However, if you are the good little worker bee with the perfect organizational system, don’t worry I am here to help. My suggestion to you? Take your perfectly organized mess of papers and plop the ones you will use the most on the top of your desk. Then bring a fan ultra close to your desk and set it on high. Watch as the papers fly and circle around your desk. Then carefully remove the fan and watch as the papers settle in a chaotic fashion all over your desk. If papers have fallen to the floor you have my permission to pick them up and place them on the desk. Does it now looks like a tornado hit your desk? Good! Now all of your most needed paperwork is spread out right in front of you! No need to thank me 🙂

Boost Your Mood- with a forbidden food!

Alright, I know its summer time and we are all trying to keep our bods in tip top shape for teeny weeny polka dot bikinis….but this article says to eat forbidden foods, so really who are we to argue? Now, the fine print of this article makes it clear that the foods must be “fatty” foods. My advice? Make a date with McDanks at least once a week and chow down sister. No need to feel guilty, no need to do a weigh in that day. Just enjoy the salty goodness and remember it was in a magazine so it must be true!

Boost Your Relationships- by letting off steam!

I am sure many of you are just like me and try and keep on a happy face even when the world is crushing you. However, this article suggests that “getting mad enough where you actually swear can draw you closer.” My suggestion drop the F Bomb, B Bomb, S Bomb and any other kind of swanky bomb you want on your bestie at least once a week for no reason at all. I mean it. Just call them up and start swearing up a storm. Not only will it make you feel better, your bestie will be so confused and flabbergasted they won’t be able to do anything other than laugh- well or hang up- but whose to know?

Boost Your Confidence- by splurging just a little!

This article suggests that if we buy ourselves a “treat” it will help boost our confidence? The picture suggests a treat like some kind of lipstick….thats a little silly. My suggestion? Send your self some flowers on occasion. Just call up the florist- draft up an awesomely romantic card and have flowers delivered to your work for all your co-workers to see. This is sure to boost your confidence as all your office friends will wonder who this romantic secret admirer is and you won’t have to ever tell them a thing!

Boost Your Productivity- by watching Youtube videos!

WHHAA?! Did I read that right? This article suggests that taking a little mental break and watching mindless youtube videos can actually get the creative juices flowing. The article states that we get out best ideas when “goofing off.” For this one I suggest getting in super stealth mode, check all access points to ensure that the boss won’t arrive within the run time for the youtube video of your choice and then sit back and enjoy. My goof off video of choice? Anything and everything by Jenna Marbles. Not only is she one hilarious chickah but she has some pretty good perspectives on everyday topics that really do get my mind going.

So my blogging friends, what did you find useful from this article? Would you take any of the advice listed to boost your happiness and success?

17 thoughts on “Boost Your Happiness and Success!

  1. The messy desk has always worked for me 🙂 and letting off steam sounds interesting, something i’ll have to try. All in all solid advice. thanks for sharing B-)

  2. LOL, I really laughed out loud when I read that the messy desk didn’t apply to you. Even a “Messy Room” wouldn’t apply to you. Fortunately, you know my philosophy on such things… True Genius is Seldom neat.

    Great blog post!

  3. Okay, I freakin’ loved ALL these, Shae!

    Like you, I’m like a nice, neat and tidy desk, so the first one made me HOWL!!!

    “My suggestion drop the F Bomb, B Bomb, S Bomb and any other kind of swanky bomb you want on your bestie at least once a week for no reason at all. I mean it. Just call them up and start swearing up a storm.”

    Bwhahahahahahaha! And I’m laughing because I actually DO that. Not at anyone in particular, but I do swear A LOT – the F Bomb being my all-time favorite! It must be a thing, we people in the northeast cities do – we like to use the F word 🙂

    “Boost Your Productivity- by watching Youtube videos!”

    And that one I also do. I spend HOURS on You Tube sometimes, but I have to say that I often do get inspired and creative while watching them. I’ve gotten a lot of my blog post topics from watching You Tube videos. And thanks for letting us know about Jenna Marbles because I will definitely check her out.

    Faaaaaaaaabulous post, girl!

    I enjoyed it this morning while sipping my first cup of java:)


    • Hey there Ronnie! So glad I made you laugh! I love being the post people read while enjoying their morning coffee 🙂 And you are right it most be a northeast sorta thing because boy do I love to swear,,,and that is not very lady like!

  4. My craft room is a MESS, I ate some Doritos today, F, B, S bombs… sure, the day isn’t over yet, I’ve got books in a shopping cart at Amazon, and instead of You Tube, how about Pinterest?? I will check out Jenna Marbles too!

  5. Wow, some really great tips here. I have a major urge to grab a two-cheeseburgers value meal and then watch some cat videos on my laptop while I chow down. Success!

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