Happy Bubble Wrap Day!

I have been made aware that today is National Bubble Wrap day! Along with that fun fact I was also informed that the original intent for bubble wrap was to be plastic wallpaper. Well this got me thinking…what other uses of bubble wrap might we be missing out on. I decided to get out my thinking cap and come up with a list of the top five ways we could and should be using bubble wrap in our every day lives:

1) As a way to annoy that annoying co-worker in the adjacent cubicle- one pop at a time…

2) As a fabulous new dress for a night out on the town…

3) As a pillow- just in case your insomnia doesn’t keep you up all night this pillow surely will!

4) As a fabulous new carpet to match the wallpaper- one step up from the creaky floorboard in the house of the cheating spouse…

5) As an alternative to the always boring white veil on your wedding day…

What other ways should we be using bubble wrap in our every day lives that we just don’t do enough?

14 thoughts on “Happy Bubble Wrap Day!


    Shea, I loooooooooooooove this post!!!!! OMG…do you have any idea how much I love to pop bubble wrap? In fact at work, whenever we get a box delivered with products and it has bubble wrap in it, I’m the one who walks around the department POPPING it all day!

    And it’s so funny you posted this because about four years ago, I posting something on my blog about bubble wrap, but had no idea there was an official Bubble Wrap Day!?!?

    “4) As a fabulous new carpet to match the wallpaper- one step up from the creaky floorboard in the house of the cheating spouse…”

    Bwhahahahhahahahaha! HILARIOUS!

    My favorite way to use bubble wrap was when I had two cats and would POP it right over their heads while they were sleeping. OMG…it was so funny to watch them JUMP off the couch like spring!!!

    Here’s a link I’m leaving you in which you can actually pop virtual bubble wrap online.

    Have fun!



    • Omg goodness Ronnie thank you for sharing the virtual bubble wrap! That could not be more fun πŸ™‚ I think it is hilarious that you used it to taunt your cats… I am not sure my dog would put up with that very long lol!

  2. lmao never knew there was such a day or that it was supposed to be used as wallpaper. Number 1 should be done. Could be used for litter lining too, imagine a popping yellow bubble, ewww haha

    • EEWW- I read this earlier today and I could not get the image out of my head. Can you imagine popping that yellow bubble and have said “yellow” spray all over your hand! Thanks for that Pat!

  3. OH NO!!!!!!!! And I missed it?!

    Now I’m sad.
    Oh, but I shall mark it on the calendar so it doesn’t get missed again.
    AND I shall celebrate a day late. I wonder if he-who-is-sleeping will go straight up like Ron’s cats…..

    I’ll get back to you on that one! πŸ˜€

      • Ah! Reporting back–no, he-who-was-sleeping did not go straight up as Ron’s cat did. He DID, however, relocate the bubble wrap in another area which I cannot access.

        I am, however–patient! And creative. It’s the weekend. I have access to pots and pans…..and I can be a noisy booger when I wanna be! ROFL

      • I love that you came to report this. Lucky for you bubble wrap is easy to get your hands on and he cant hide it all! Patience my friend you have a year until the next Bubble Wrap day- that allows for plenty of planning πŸ™‚

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