There are many internet memes that come and go but there are few that really catch my attention. I share a few laughs with Grumpy Cat and I don’t mind seeing the occasional photo of the ridiculously photogenic guy. However, the internet meme that has caught my attention lately is what they are calling “Teoing”
For those that don’t know the story here is a short summary. Manti Teo of Notre Dame football team allegedly had a girlfriend pass away to lukemia on the same day that his Grandmother died. It was later discovered that Teo’s girlfriend was actually a fake that he had met only online and corresponded with by phone and internet only. The hoax was exposed and the question now is was this a publicity stunt or was he really duped into believing that he was in a full fledged relationship with a imaginary girl.

The hilarity of this hoax has taken the internet by storm and has created the new meme called “Teoing”. The reason I am drawn to this meme is I think this is such a current issue and I feel that maybe by bringing it to light with some humor people will be more aware of the dangers of online dating. When online you never really know who you are talking to, and if you do not take the steps to meet the person in a safe, public setting there is a chance that the person on the other end is not who they say they are. Matters of the heart can be tricky and deception like this can truly leave a person wounded. It is hard to say if Teo was really duped or if he was just trying to make the news but either way this new meme will bring attention to the dangers of internet dating.

Do you have a “Teoing” meme? If so please share in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “#Teoing!

  1. Okay – I’ve heard a bits and pieces about this on the news, but didn’t quite understand what happened to Teo. Thank you for explaining. It’s not really big news here in Australia like it is in America so it was all bit confusing.

    It must be embarrassing for the guy (if he truly believed she was real) so i guess I feel a little sorry for him. I’ve never used on-line dating sites, and I never would (it’s hard enough to know if you’re really communicating with bloggers you ‘think’ you know!) If I’ve ever communicated with a meme I’d never know unless they come undone and reveal themselves – they’re tricky little things!

    The pics are hilarious. and you’re right – they may wake a few people up regarding the dangers of on-line dating! 😉

    • I am glad you agree! I mean if the guy was seriously duped I do really feel bad for the guy. I know I have met some awesome people in the blogging community and it would be sad to think they are not really who they say they are.

  2. Can you believe I’ve heard nothing about this, so I thank you for filling me in on it, Shae!

    That’s the thing about online dating, especially if you haven’t ever met the person you’re communicating with. You can’t really be sure if the person is who they say they are.

    I’ve actually had this happen with someone I was blogging with for TWO years. I met her through another blogging friend of mine so I just naturally assumed that this other blogger was who she said she was. Come to find out that she had been using someone else’s photo (image) which she stolen online and used a alias name as her blogging name. No one suspected anything UNTIL one of her other blogging friends SAW the image of the person who the photo was actually of online, and then confronted her with it and blew the whistle!

    Needless to say, I was SHOCKED!

    Although, I must say that I have also met in person MANY sincere and honest people who I’ve been blogging with for years, and we have formed solid friendships offline.

    The Internet is funny because you can meet REAL people, but also fakes.

    But isn’t that the truth offline too? I’ve met a lot of scam artists offline as well.

    Great post, girl!

    • You are so right! You just never know who people are online or offline! I would hate to think blogging friends like you are not who they say they are though. I have made some pretty awesome blogging friends 🙂

  3. Yeah it is easy to be duped online if you think with your middle part instead of your head, most anyone can fall for it if given the right situation. I’ve met some real winners online, who were fake in every way. But also some nice people. One big crap shoot.

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