My Hate Love Relationship with Jodi Foster

So I wake up this morning to articles staring me in the face about Jodi Foster’s “coming out” Golden Globe speech. I need to preface this post by saying that I have spent the better part of my movie watching life despising Jodi Foster. I do not really have a valid reason other than she just didn’t sit right with me. I always felt she thought a little too highly of herself and she really just wasn’t the fantastic actress everyone said she was. When I saw the headlines about her Golden Globe speech I rolled my eyes. I clicked away from the article time and time again today. However, the article kept resurfacing- eventually I had to read it and watch the speech.

Reluctant Reader

I have to say this speech really gave me a new appreciation for Jodi Foster. I want to be clear this was NOT a coming out speech. Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Jodi Foster knows her sexual orientation. This was in no way news- nor was it the focus of her speech. Rather, her speech was about the value of privacy in our lives as well as the lives of people like her who spend their days in the lime light. I really think she said it the best when she said, “If you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you’d had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you, too, might value privacy above all else.”

Jodi Foster speaks at Golden Globes

The thing is the media does not understand what it is like to be in the lime light your entire lives. All the press cares about is making another dollar by selling that juicy story. But, celebrities are people as well. Regardless of the fact that they make their living by being public figures they too have a right to privacy. I think the “information age’s” disgusting obsession with knowing everything about celebrities is repulsive. Instead of respecting them as humans we treat them as slaves who are paid to entertain us. No regard is given to their happiness and the trouble it may cause them to air their private lives.


After listening to that speech I really need to ask that we take a step back from the lives of celebrities. Lets give people like Jodi Foster a little space to breathe. Maybe instead of picking up that tabloid we can read a good novel. Each person that makes an effort to respect their privacy helps out just a little. Maybe one day they will be able to walk out of their house without being attacked by a thousand cameras and microphones treating them like a monkey they can watch doing tricks.

18 thoughts on “My Hate Love Relationship with Jodi Foster

  1. Really great post, Shae!

    And it’s utterly ironic that you posted this today, because I was talking on the phone with one of my blogging friends and she and I were talking about Jody Foster, and how she’s managed to stay out of the press as well as she has for as long as she’s been an actress.

    I mean, you never hear much about her.

    Yes, the speculations of her sexual preference have always been questioned. And I think it’s wonderful that she has always kept her private life private – which I feel she has a right to do.

    Personally, I really like her. I’ve always enjoyed her acting and choices in film. She chooses her films because it’s something that moves her; not only to make money.

    “I always felt she thought a little too highly of herself ”

    I think that comes from the fact that she separates herself from her career and personal life, therefore comes off as having a wall around her.

    Yes, she is definitely a very strong lady. But I truly admire for that because women in this business are pushed around MUCH more than the men. So she has to be vocal and tough.

    Again, great post. And I’m so sorry I missed the Golden Globes last night.

    • So glad to have you around the blog Ronnie! You really get it 🙂 I have read so much negativity surrounding Jodi Foster’s speech and it is so great to see someone who understands her right to privacy.

      I see that so many people are fans of her acting and while I am not I do admire her as a strong person and I think the speech took alot of guts. If you havent seen it because you missed the Golden Globes please youtube it Ronnie you wont regret it!

  2. Yeah it was not news and I fail to see the point of her even doing it, just like who cares. But the media suck it up. Then again i don’t feel sorry for any of them, the money they get, they can have the cameras in their face. Don’t want the cameras, go do something else. Not that I read that crap either mind you, but they get paid a ton for a reason, so they can put up with it.

    • My goodness you dont have an opinion do you? Well I guess you do have a point they do get paid alot for the lives they lead. Regardless though I think everyone deserves a little privacy.

  3. I couldn’t agree more about leaving the celebraties to their private lives, it’s ridiculous how they are always mobbed and having flashing lights going off in their faces. And you wonder why you hear about these reporters getting punched in the face by the actor/actress or their cameras getting busted and they cry and whine and want to sue them because of it. As for Jodi she’s been in some great movies, have to give her kudos for Silence of the Lambs and Contact!

  4. I’ve always liked Jodie Foster. As far as the media goes – they’re awful. They chase people and never leave them alone for a private moment (always after making a dollar at other people’s expense). I can’t imagine what her life would have been like as a child star and having lived with the constant threat of knowing there is always someone out there who wants to get a picture of you looking bad or falling over. I couldn’t stand it and I couldn’t do it (for any amount of money!) 😀

  5. Nicely said, cest. Of course, there are challenged (i.e., stupid) people who are bashing her for “coming out” in the traditional sense. I also like what she said because there is still a stigma about being single – though this wasn’t her point. Go Jodie!

  6. Isn’t it amazing what the press ‘missed’ in the acceptance speech.

    Perhaps it’s another case of ‘what you water and nurture will grow’…..perhaps that was deliberate on their part? But on her part–I appreciated her candor and the humour sprinkled in it. She’s spent her whole life in the limelight. I cannot imagine getting to deal in cameras/shouted questions and invasion/intrusion 24/7 since age 3.
    I can’t imagine even one day of it!

    Thank you for letting me read–I stopped in from Vent. I’m glad I did.

    • Hi Mel! I have to say I absolutely love reading Vent and adore Ronnie! I am floored that he gave me a shout out! Such a great guy! I definitely think her speech was planned to prove a point and prove a point it did. The press only hears what they WANT to hear- not only are these celebrities subject to overwhelming scrutiny but the lies and gossip spread about them is horrendous! Thanks for stopping by- hope you come back soon!

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