How My Panera Ordering Habits Made Me Facebook Famous!

So, the other day at work while enjoying a bread bowl filled with Broccoli and Cheese soup from Panera, I turned to facebook to ask a random question. “Does anyone actually eat the bread bowl when getting soup in a bread bowl from Panera?” I logged off Facebook and went about my day expecting to have one or two comments of basically yes, no or maybe. No big deal…however…I did not take into consideration how much of a big deal Panera is and how much outrage this question would cause. The responses were almost unanimous and sounded something like:

“Of course! The bread bowl is the best part!”

Now I should mention this was one of the most popular statuses I have posted hands down. People I don’t even talk to added their two cents on this. And from this I learned that I am a Panera wierdo. My weird ordering habits do not stop at the bread bowl that I never eat (does anyone else notice that it is awfully hard to pull apart and just tastes like regular bread when the soup is all gone?) Moving on….

I order only two options at Panera- either you pick two with Broccoli and Cheese and Roast beef Asiago with chips as my side or Bread Bowl with Brocoli and Cheese. I am not adventurous I play it safe. So why is that weird you ask, what could possibly be weird about this totally normal order. You are missing one ingredient- me!

To start, my side of chips are not for a nice light snack after my meal. No, my chips are to be smothered in all the soup they can hold without breaking. The more dips I do the more salt that mixes in with the soup. This is my FAVORITE part of Panera. I don’t do this with just any chips. Only Panera chips! Don’t ask why, this is just a weird Panera habit.

What else? Oh I order the Roast beef Asiago with no horseradish however I don’t eat the onions yet ALWAYS get them on my sandwich. Its not that I forget. Its that I WANT them to touch my sandwich. The idea that they were there at some point makes me feel the sandwich is somehow healthier. Like the onion juice is sopped into the roast beef now and I get some of the healthiness. Illogical- but fact.

Finally, on the days that I order a drink I don’t order a soft drink. Why? Because I order lemonade. Not because I like it better- in fact I prefer soda especially in the winter. However, lemonade comes all ready for you in the cup without extra walking or struggling with the lid. Laziness yes, however this laziness only manifests in Panera! Every other place I will get my soft drink and shuffle on over to the drink machine and make my selection. Not at Panera though. As soon as I walk through those doors I order like a side show act from a carnival. But hey at least it made me Facebook famous right?

18 thoughts on “How My Panera Ordering Habits Made Me Facebook Famous!

  1. Since I hate wasting food I try to finish every morsel that I’m served. I don’t know if it’s my upbringing so much as it is a sort of economist / ecologist mindset or something. I have this fear that one day we’ll all be deprived of food to the direct proportion of food that we’ve wasted in our lives. I guess I’m weird, but if I’m right I don’t want to go hungry.

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  2. I go to the chipotle in downtown crossing and order the exact same thing, I do this so often that not only do they recognize me and know my order and my name. but chipotle guys from a previous store i haven’t been to more than once or twice in the past year also recognize me and know my order from when i went there every single day.

  3. WOW! I haven’t been to a Panera in ages because we don’t have any here in Philly, but when I lived in Florida I ate there all the time because I LOVE that place!

    ““Does anyone actually eat the bread bowl when getting soup in a bread bowl from Panera?”

    Yes, I have to admit I do, because for me I love how the bread tastes all saturated in the soup juice. Also (and you’re gonna thing I’m weird), anytime I order a taco salad in a tortilla shell, I love eating shell after I finish the salad!

  4. I’m a picky eater so I can relate to weird eating habits with ease. Never even knew there was a bread bowl. Shows you how much I know about food..haha

  5. I LOVE this post! I also only have two things I ever order at Panera (unless I’m there for coffee/bagels)……the tomato soup which is da BOMB or the tuna salad on whole wheat (also AMAZING!). And I’ve never ordered my tomato soup in a bread bowl because I would never want to eat a bread bowl!!!! I guess I’m picky! And I only drink coffee or water (or alcohol) so that limits me.

  6. Hi,
    To my knowledge we don’t have a Panera here in Australia or not in the part I live in anyway, but I love the sound of the bread bowl soup and it looks really nice as well, I would most likely eat the bread when I finished the soup. 😀

  7. I love Panera!! I’ve never had soup there, but if I did, I WOULD definitely eat atleast some of the bread bowl!!
    I usually just order their asiago cheese bagel with veggie cream cheese, or occasionally a turkey sandwich.

  8. For the potato chips, why do they have to make the packaging look so unappetizing?

    Oh, and yes, I do rip apart the bread bowl and gnaw on it until the wife is ready for the check 🙂

  9. I only get Clam Chowder in a bread bowl (Au Bon Pain, anyone?). I have not tried the Panera bread bowls, but when you get a bread bowl of chowder (which I have not been able to find at Panera), the chowder seeps into the little nooks and crannies in the bread and it gets all soft and moist. For me THAT’S the best part! I love eating chowder laden bread!!!! Throw in a few clam cakes and I am in hog heaven!! 😉

  10. Congrats on being Facebook famous! 🙂 Now you make me with there was a Panera within 100 miles of where I live. I would eat the bowl, no questions asked. (Thanks for visiting my blog.)

  11. now i want to go to panera to get the soup bowl and try the bread, and grab a cup of lemonade…. and then maybe i will post the same facebook question and see what happens…… 🙂
    thanks for stopping by my post and commenting… i will be following along – don’t want to miss any other good info… 😀

  12. I’d eat the bread bowl. For once, cause I love everything bread, the more soaked, the better. For twice, since I am incapable of leaving food to be wasted.

  13. I usually opt for the BBQ chicken salad from Panera, but every once in awhile I go with soup. I like the bread where the soup has soaked in, but I can never eat all of the bread bowl.

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