Tobacco Stained Memories

Awhile ago I used to write poetry like it was my job. Lately I really havent been inspired. However, I just cant stop listening to “You don’t know her like I do” by Brantley Gilbert and I decided to write a poem kind of how I think of it. This poem is entirely raw and fresh off the press so please  be kind in your comments 🙂

Memories swirl around me like the smoke from his cigarette

Unwanted and hated yet clinging to the air around me like a drug.

Everytime I try to forget, Everytime I try to let go

The addiction grabs hold and I get the itch that I crave to scratch.


Every so often I cant help but give in, I let the memories take control

The roller coaster I cant help but ride never changes.

Anger for all he did, Anger for choosing her.

Sadness for my loss, Sadness remembering all we had.

Acceptance of what this has become, Acceptance of where I am now.


Ive moved on now, a year has past since we talked.

Ive found someone new, someone better suited for me.

Yet one ill word spoke of you and my composure starts slipping,

No one knows you like I do, they just don’t understand.


Thoughts of you threaten the perfect life I have created,

Memories of you threaten to drive him away.

You are a habit, an addiction that wont let go,

If only you knew the hold you still have.


All I want to do is kick the habit, forget the time we spent

Yet tobacco taints the air around me every day, I cant hold my breathe forever.

The only thing now to do is go to sleep and try to forget for awhile

But the tobacco only follows me into my dreams.

11 thoughts on “Tobacco Stained Memories

  1. This poem is freakin’ AWESOME!!!!!!

    And I REALLY mean that! How creative you are!

    Love…love…love….the analogy you used with cigarette addiction as an addiction to past loves. You are so right, because I’ve been there myself.

    “The only thing now to do is go to sleep and try to forget for awhile

    But the tobacco only follows me into my dreams.”

    Brilliant ending!

    You’re a very talented writer, girl!

  2. I’m with Ron! That is pretty darned awesome! I used to write poetry when I was in college, because I always seemed to have a broken heart. Nothing inspires like heartbreak, does it?

  3. You make it SO easy to find you. I was able to click on your comment on my post and it took me straight here, which I love. THEN, you have your Twitter link taking me straight to you so I can follow you there – more love! And then this poem? The imagery is fantastic. It brought back memories for me. 🙂 And I love the way you leave us with that last line — not being able to escape it even in sleep.

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