Trayvon Martin

After a few funny posts I think its time to post a serious one. This Trayvon Martin has me really sick to my stomach. I heard about it a few weeks ago but I didnt realize the injustice in our legal system until this past weekend.

For some background, for those who don’t know, Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year old kid who was killed. Trayvon Martin was visiting his family and had just returned from the store with a pack of skittles and an iced tea. George Zimmerman, a white hispanic, part of the neighborhood watch, did not recognize him, so he shot and killed him. The story is that George Zimmerman felt threatened by this kid and killed him out of self defense. The kid was unarmed carrying a pack of skittles and iced tea! I am not sure how anyone could be afraid for their life in this situation.

To be fair, on the flip side of the coin, Martin’s parents have admitted that he was suspended twice in the last year from his school. He has buglarly as well as vandalism in his past. However, does this make him a violent kid? Not in my eyes. Does this mean that Zimmerman was right in killing him? I don’t think so.

What really bothers me about this case is how the law affects it. According to a CNN news article, “Florida’s law allows the use of deadly force anywhere a person feels a reasonable fear of death or serious injury and has been cited in a number of justifiable homicide cases in Florida.”

This cannot possibly be right! This leaves an awfully large window open for murder! How can it be legal to shoot someone if a person feels “reasonable fear” and how can that be regulated? If no witnesses are around and a person is shot and killed, the words “I was afraid” is enough to get you off? I don’t think this is right and it definitely needs attention!

I am writing this post to try and bring awareness to this situation and get the bloggers involved! Justice for this kid should involve reviewing this law so this does not happen in the future! Blog it, pin it, facebook it, tumble it! Do what you do to get the word out!

What do you think bloggers? Was the murder justified? Does the law need to be reviewed?

18 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin

  1. I agree completely! Justifiable homicide has always been in the books, there is no reason to enact laws that turn our society back into the “Wild, Wild West”. The difference between justifiable homicide and Florida’s “last stand” law is that you actually have to prove that justifiable homicide was warranted. In my opinion, that’s enough to make one thing before they act. As it is now, people are allowed to shoot first and claim fear later. I hope Mickey Mouse is shaking in his shoes right now. Florida suddenly isn’t a very nice place to vacation.

  2. Actually, a witness has come forward that saw Treyvon slamming this guy’s head against the ground repeatedly while he screamed. When the police got there, this Zimmerman guy was bloodied all over and his back was covered in grass.

    Does it give this guy the right to shoot and kill him? Probably not. Should he have followed him when the 911 operator told him not to? Definitely not. But at the same time, I have to wonder, what would I do if I had a gun and was getting beat mercilessly? Probably just threaten, but I don’t know. Something to think about.

    Another thing, if the situation were a white on white crime, or a black on black crime, would it get this kind of media frenzy? No.

    It’s a horrible situation no matter how you look at it. A life was lost that shouldn’t have been. I just think everyone needs to look at all the evidence before getting caught up in the emotional frenzy of this case.

  3. This is one of the most confusing and disturbing cases I have ever read because so much it is unclear, and things are still being discovered – like the video link that Jessica shared.

    I honestly don’t know what to think anymore.

    ” I just think everyone needs to look at all the evidence before getting caught up in the emotional frenzy of this case.

    She’s right because right now the focus seems to be on racism.

    However, my heart does go out to Trayvons’ family because I can only imagine the heartache they feel.

    Thank you for sharing this post, girl!

  4. Agreeing with the others that the case is confusing……….

    However, I will say that I listened to the 911 tapes and Zimmerman definitely thought of himself as some sort of vigilante………and that is disturbing.

  5. I don’t know enough about the case to give my opinion. And I don’t feel like I understand law enough to give an opinion on the Florida law either, but I agree that “reasonable fear” seems open to a lot of interpretation. I’m curious about the law in other states.

  6. I didn’t know about this horrible incident because it happened so far away from my country but I do agree with you and your opinion about it. recently a little girl was murdered and found naked here in Estonia and the sick freak who did it has not been caught. they don’t even know who it was. unfortunately I don’t believe in Estonian courts and justice at all, so it seems rather hopeless..

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by in my blog 🙂

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. That law should be a defense in court, not a reason used by the police department not to arrest him. The fact that they started using it from the start told me that they did not investigate this thoroughly. He was told not to follow and he did. I don’t care if he did get jumped by a kid he was stalking. He had no right to shoot a teen that was half his size. If he is that scared of someone that much smaller than him, he is a danger to everyone and it’s a miracle that it didn’t happen before this. I expect we’ll be looking at a manslaughter at the very least.

    I find that justice has been served in a small way already – the housing development that Zimmerman felt so protective of will never be his to live in again regardless of the outcome. He is no longer welcome in that community and has been run out of it. He will never again live in the house that he tried so hard to protect from a kid with a bag of Skittles and an ice tea.

    I don’t care what Trayvon has done in the past. That night he was simply trying to get home in the rain. No one had the right to stalk him and kill him. Bottom line, had Zimmerman not followed him, the kid would still be alive.

  8. Hi,
    What a horrible thing to happen to a young man. I don’t know about the story of this at all, except what you have written above, but to shoot an unarmed person is straight out murder as far as I am concerned.

  9. It’s sobering to think how little progress we’ve made since the days of slavery and heat of racism, which thrives quite well – disguised and excused by “laws and regulations.” Thanks for bringing attention to this case.

    PS Thanks for visiting, so I could find your blog too.

  10. I hadn’t heard of this case, but we’ve had similar things happen here. Sometimes it’s the police who shoot someone thinking they were going for a weapon, and it’s a tragedy when it’s discovered that the movement which made them think so was an innocent gesture by a frightened man who doesn’t even understand English, but to be fair they are in a difficult position. If they don’t respond quickly and someone gets killed by a criminal, or worse, a terrorist bomb is not discovered in time, they will be pilloried. If the respond too quickly and kill or injure an innocent man, they will be pilloried.

    But I have to ask: is ANY murder ‘justifiable’?

    It is seriously scary when a random citizen can shoot to kill someone who is doing nothing at all, or maybe just looking at them in a way they don’t like. How does one defend oneself against that?

  11. “Florida’s law allows the use of deadly force anywhere a person feels a reasonable fear of death or serious injury and has been cited in a number of justifiable homicide cases in Florida.” This is very disturbing… I hate arms!

  12. A horrible scenario. I don’t understand why the law okays someone to kill another human being as a sort of first option for fear of personal injury/death. If such a law needs to exist couldn’t it scale itself down just a little, allowing only for “non-critical wounds” instead of “deadly force?” The former would at least curb the amount of times the panicky shooter pulls the trigger, at least you would think. I understand that the shooter may not exactly have the careful aim of Robin Hood, but still. Of course every individual case would have to be investigated thoroughly, regardless.

  13. i’m back from the abyss!!! i’ve missed all my blogs

    yea. this was truly unfortunate and crazy to have happened. i just don’t even know. sounds like that guy was a paranoid FREAK…. he called 911 like a zillion times last year.

    a definite injustice for sure.

  14. this is terrible. I came across this news but never really paid attention..that’s one of the things you get in a federal system of government….and it’s partly because of the culture…. i’m not pretty sure about it but when my British boss came to the Philippines she was surprised to see security guards with guns,,.. In London, no one owns a gun, not even the policeman.

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