Draw Something

In this post I need to admit to one of my addictions. Phone apps. I have an android phone and whenever I am introduced to a new phone app I literally cannot put my phone down. This means that future blog posts may be centered around this as well. Anyways one of the most popular apps to download right now is an app called Draw Something. This app is basically Pictionary on a touch screen. The fun with this is that it is VERY difficult to draw well on a touch screen and some of the words that come up on the screen are impossible to draw even with a paper and a pencil.

One of the favorite moments I have had on this game is when a friend of mine was drawing the shower. She drew a really accurate drawing of a shower and then when she drew the person she drew black lines over the private areas. I literally laughed out loud. Sadly for me I have an android so I could not take a screen show of this to share with you.

People that have the Iphone can take screen shots of their favorite drawings and post it on social networking sites to share the humor with everyone. I decided for this post to share some of the funny ones I have come across online:Do you guys play draw something? What are some of the funniest draw something moments you have either encountered yourself or ran across on the web?

10 thoughts on “Draw Something

  1. See, this is one of the reasons why I don’t have a cell phone with apps. because I would playing with them ALL day!

    FUNNY drawings! Thanks for the giggles!

    Have an AWESOME Sunday, girl!


  2. I was only able to see the Chris Brown one, for some reason the other ones have x’s and no photo?
    Since I have an old flip phone, I can’t do apps. I don’t even text all that often, can you believe it?!? The only reason I even started doing some basic texting was mainly to communicate with my son when he was out but didn’t want to be caught ‘talking’ to him mom I guess. lol

    I’m sure some of the apps available today are great fun! Enjoy!

  3. I’m one of those old timers who doesn’t have a fancy phone, though at least mine’s a QWERTY keyboard……actually, I’m just too cheap to pay for a data plan!

    I’ve always considered myself a lousy drawer, but I’m actually pretty good at Pictionary type games.

  4. Yeah this has been popping up everywhere, I hardly use my phone for apps though. But isketch is pretty much the same thing and I play that on my computer at times.

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