Poppers Penguins Meets Snow White?

As I have told you in previous posts I enjoy kids movies. One of the most recent kids movies I watched was Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Now I do intend on reading the book (more than likely a blog post for another time) however at this time I have only seen the movie. I realize that the versions differ VERY much so this post is ONLY focused on the movie. Further, I should note that the rest of this post will force you to follow me into the crazy paths my mind takes and more often than not you will have no clue how I got to my conclusion but here is my feeble attempt to explain.

After watching Mr. Poppers Penguins I could not help but think that this movie reminded me of Snow White. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why so I really had to take some time to think about this. The most obvious connection would have to be the Seven Dwarfs and the Seven Penguins. Ok film goers before you start counting I do realize that only 6 penguins are present in the film, however one penguin laid an egg at the end of the film and this final penguin will bring seven.

The next connection that really jumped out at me was the naming of the penguins/ dwarfs. Both characters were named by one word descriptions of them. The Dwarfs were: Dopey, Grumpy, Doc,  Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy. The Penguins were Captain, Nimrod, Stinky, Lovey, Loudy, Bitey and the new baby.

Also, both of these tales have to do with the loss of a father. In the case of Popper’s Penguins his father dies and he inherits the penguins as a gift from his father’s will. In Snow White she looses her dad to a new jealous wife and the dwarfs are what ultimately save her from the new wife.

Finally, I think the most metaphorical but relevant connection is that these characters are what ultimately save these characters from the life they are living and give them new life. For Mr. Popper the penguins teach him how to be a family man and how to break away from his demanding job and go back to the family and wife that he left behind. For Snow White the dwarfs give her a place to stay and help her find her prince which will save her at the end of the movie. Both stories end with love conquering all that has troubled them throughout the film.

The connections are a stretch even I admit it but for some reason my mind refuses to separate the two so I decided to share my crazy thoughts with my bloggers. What do you think? Do these movies connect to you in any way?


9 thoughts on “Poppers Penguins Meets Snow White?

  1. Hi,
    I also don’t mind some of the kids programs, every now and then they bring one out in 3D and they can be fun to watch. 🙂

    I haven’t seen the movie your are talking about, but from what you said the 2 shows do have a lot in common.

  2. This reminds me of something we had to do in college: comparing O Brother Where Art Thou with The Odyssey. I think you would have aced that class! 🙂

  3. I LOVED reading about your connections to these films – I found it fascinating!

    I do know of Snow White, but have never seen the other movie you spoke of, so I will have to rent it because now you’ve go me very curious!

    I too enjoy kids movies. And the reason being is because kids movies always seem to be underlined with so many valuable lessons that many of us adults have forgotten. And I feel the same when it comes to kids books.

    Great post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I remember my son enjoying that book (was it a series?) but I’ve not seen the movie. It’s actually an interesting topic because much has been written about how nothing is new under the sun…..

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