Bending Feet?!?

Have you ever come across a song that you hate for only a few lyrics? Recently I have come across such a song. The song is called “The Heavy Abacus” by the Joy Formidable. I should admit I only know the actual name of the song or the artistic because I ran a quick google search for the purposes of this post. In my house this song is called “Bending Feet”

Here is a little background- I HATE FEET! I don’t understand how anyone can really see anything positive about this particular part of the body. Most of the day feet are spent sweating away in a pair of socks, crammed into some shoe with little to no room to breathe. For a female, feet are forced to contort in all types of uncomfortable positions just to rest in a shoe that makes them look “sexy” or “professional”.

The result of this cruel and unusual punishment to the female foot? Hangnails, blisters, calluses and all sorts of other unsightly foot blemishes.

Don’t even get me started on toenails! If they are allowed to grow to anything more than a slight covering of your toe these things can be deadly weapons. People should need a license to carry them! If you are trying to “bend feet” with a signifigant other and your nail has grown just a tad too long prepare to elicit a girlish yelp. You may even draw blood! An attractive body part would not have this ability!

The first line of the song is ” Here we are bending feet, in the dark before dreamless sleep” this is the ONLY line I know. Throughout the rest of the song these lyrics play on repeat in my head. All I can think is what a nightmare this scenario would be. Someone trying to be cute and cuddle you close and chooses to mesh his dirty foot up against yours. While rubbing back in forth in a play full manner he stabs you with his yellowing big toe and blood starts pouring out. Now you are in debate- do you go get a tetanus shot or play it cool and slap on a barbie band aid?

Songs should not cause this kind of fearful thinking! This song needs to get out of my head and make room for happier thoughts!!

So bloggers do you have any songs that make you crazy?

14 thoughts on “Bending Feet?!?

  1. That picture of the feet with faces is CREEPY. I don’t hate feet, after all they are necessary and look good in boots. At the same time, my husband and I pretty much keep our feet on our sides of the bed, we’ve had one too many encounters with what we call “talon toes” to let them get too close. 🙂

  2. Well, being a certified foot reflexologist, I appreciate feet.

    However, I know MANY, MANY people who feel the same way as you – they HATE feet.

    Being a foot reflexologist, I’ve seen all kinds of feet, in all kinds of condition. Some well taken care of, some not.

    I’ve learned the importance of taking care of my feet, both in wearing comfortable footwear AND in grooming them. If my feet don’t feel good, neither do I.

    “Don’t even get me started on toenails! If they are allowed to grow to anything more than a slight covering of your toe these things can be deadly weapons. People should need a license to carry them!”

    Bwhahahahhahahahaha! OMG, that was HILARIOUS!!!! And do agree with you on that.

    Interesting post, girl. Enjoyed it!


  3. OMG, I’m probably going to be creeped out all day with visions of those feet faces. haha!!
    For sure, there are lots of funky feet walking around… smelly, dirty, gross!
    However…one of my favorite things is a foot massage. My hubby is soooo good at it too!
    This reminded me that I put a picture up a long time ago of me and hubby, snuggling our feet together, or bending feet as you call it. LOL What was I thinking???

  4. I like the idea of keeping the eyes on my feet in the dark all day at the bottom of my shoes. Because yeah, feet are gross.

    However, I love flip-flops, so I show my feet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall summer long with no regard for anyone else’s particular hatred of them. I like to think that airing them out makes them less gross.

  5. Not sure on the songs that make me crazy, but I agree with feet, they really aren’t neat. And hahahaha yeah those nails can be deadly weapons if they get to long, not to mention you get toe jam and zombie foot, which is just all kinds of wrong.

  6. Hi,
    You are so right about toenails, they can be deadly. 🙂
    I had a listen to the video, I have not heard the song before, I got just under the 2 min mark, wasn’t my type of song at all.

    I love the picture of the feet, that is just so well done. 😆

    Thank You for the visit and the comment on my blog.

  7. Interesting post. Somehow you managed to take the elevator from the penthouse to the basement (head to toe, lol). I do believe the question was what songs creep people out, not whether feet do.

    We as much as I like the song, I have always had issues with Ticks, by Brad Paisley. I know the intent of the song is to dramatize searching a naked body. But let’s face it, I would no sooner want to go looking for ticks on someone than I would want to be picking lice off a person. And believe me, if I found a tick in a less than public location on a person I think I would be leaving THAT party in one heck of a hurry.

  8. Most people DO have gross feet. I cannot even look at my husband’s toenails without feeling ill. On the other hand (or foot, shall we say), I’ve always thought my own feet were quite attractive. My toes line up in a nice arc going downward from my big toe, perfectly proportioned. I believe I could have been a foot model! And I wear shiny purple nail polish on them, year round.

    As far as songs that drive me crazy…….I can’t stand that new Kelly Clarkson song. But I hate all of her songs!

  9. I view feet the way I view most other appendages; I’m glad I have them, but they’re nothing to shout about really.

    As for songs that drive me crazy: “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” never fails. Bing Crosby’s version is not as bad, but most of the others are just so shriek-y.

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