Kony 2012

I really debated writing about this because I figured it would be an overwhelmingly popular blog topic. However, after a chat I had with a few co workers I decided that this was something really worth writing about.

Kony 2012 is a movement to get the name Joseph Kony out there and known world-wide as a household name. This man is one of the most despicable criminals of our time. This man takes kids from their homes in Uganda and rapes the girls and makes them sex slaves and forces the boys to be child soldiers. Kids in this country are forced to live in fear and many of them have been faced with more death and devastation than most of us will have to face our whole lives.

The video that I will share is attempting to raise awareness so the American people will stand behind the deployment of American troops to teach the people in Uganda how to utilize modern-day technology to find and finally capture Joseph Kony.

When I watched this video I figured EVERYONE would be on board. This is a devastating occurrence that I thought all would want to help with. I was shocked however to learn that some people feel our tax dollars are better spent in problems in our own country. Many people even feel meddling in foreign affairs may start another war that we don’t want.

My response is- as a country how can we be so selfish? These children need help and unfortunately we are one of the few countries with the funds and technology to offer that kind of assistance. Since we are aware of the problem doesn’t that make us enablers by letting it happen when we have the power to stop it?!?! I am writing this post because I believe in this cause and I REALLY hope that my fellow bloggers will help raise awareness. Please watch the video below:

I would also like to note that I did some research and the association connected with this video is NOT the most beneficial to donate to. Although the video does the job of raising awareness, because of the funds it takes to make such a well done film only 32 percent of their profits go to Uganda. I will be buying an action kit from this association but I will be donating to:



From what I have seen 94 percent of every dollar donated goes to Uganda. This seems to be the place where your dollar can make the most impact!


Please help join the cause even if it just sharing the link!

7 thoughts on “Kony 2012

  1. I think it is difficult to know who you can trust when it comes to relief efforts. I’m happy to hear that you did some research on the topic.

    It seems as though some of the negativity around the campaign involved people thinking that the video gives Kony ‘press’ – much like other notorious criminals in the states and many believe that is wrong. It’s a difficult subject, no doubt!

  2. Excellent video, Shae, and thank you for sharing it because, truthfully, I had no idea about any of this. Therefore, I appreciate you bringing awareness, not only to me, but others as well.

    This is devastating!

    As Bijoux shared in her comment, I commend you for doing the research on this topic.

    Bless you, girl!

  3. Part of why things are so bad over there is the conflict minerals. The metals and materials that we use in our cell phones and tablet devices are primarily found in Africa, and it is people like this Koby that are waging war to take control of these mines and such. The taste of the Developed world for having the New and Latest tech is making these poor children suffer for no good reason.

  4. I can appreciate you wanting to share something about a situation you feel strongly about. It’s awful how many horrors are going on in the world every day.
    As for deploying additional American troops … I don’t know that I can agree with that at this time. We have hundreds of permanent installations and thousands of sites in foreign locations all over the world where our troops have been or are currently….Africa included. We HAVE sent troops to Uganda and surrounding regions for not only help with the LRA but many other issues. Throughout Africa there are assorted efforts to bring aid, and provide military training, etc. etc. We’ve given enormous amounts of money in foreign aid, and private citizens have donated without end everything from money to supplies and many have even gone to volunteer for a variety of causes. I don’t think anyone can say that people are selfish when it comes to trying to help Africa and many of the problems going on there.
    Kony is evil, no doubt about it. I certainly believe the world would be a much better place without people like that in it. But at the same time, these situations are extremely complicated. If it were that easy, Bush would have gotten him when he sent teams, equipment and money in years ago. The LRA might have become weakened but they continued on as do other terror groups. So is Kony actually even in Uganda currently?
    How much money and how many years and how many of our troops, etc. should be spent on each situation? If countries cannot self-govern, build their own infrastructures and use their own resources to take care of their own people why are we expected to continually do it and why do we want to? And if our efforts haven’t solved the problems by now, when will they? Yes, of course, certainly we should help where and when we can for some things and definitely whenever a natural disaster occurs. But I’m just not convinced that our continued involvement in all these situations is the right thing.

    What is the action kit that you are buying consist of?

  5. It is a controversial video for sure. I have seen a video blog by an African girl, who explains why she doesn’t agree with it. However, I think any kind of situation where innocent people (children!) are suffering deserves to be highlighted. It takes courage to bring up a sticky situation and to start looking at what we can do (as richer countries) to make some kind of difference. It should be a dialogue and I think there is no easy solution, but I am glad this video brings starts the conversation for a lot of people who might otherwise not have been aware.
    I love that you did some research into which charity is a good one to donate to, will check out the one you mentioned!

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