Psycho: Vince Vaughn vs. Anthony Perkins

I have actually been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now because I am really interested in getting feedback. As someone who really enjoys movies I try to keep an open mind with every movie I watch. In this case, I saw the Vince Vaughn version of Psycho first- back when I was around 13 and it scared the crap out of me. At the time I had no idea there was another version and frankly I had no interest in finding out. The movie gave me the creeps! At the time I didn’t know Vince Vaughn as the funny man from Dodgeball and it was years before I made the connection. I felt he did quite a fantastic job in the role of Norman Bates and really never gave it a second thought.

A few years ago in a college film class I was introduced to the Alfred Hitchcock version of Psycho with Anthony Perkins. This film was even creepier! However, would I say that this added creepiness was due to the superiority of Anthony Perkins acting? No. I felt this movie was shot better, had much more hidden messages and the black and white really added something to the movie. To sum it up Alfred Hitchcock was just an amazing director and talented at his art of horror movies.

Recently I purchased the Vince Vaughn version of the movie (I already own the original) and I caught alot of flack for it. Many people stating that Vince Vaughn was horrible in the role of Norman Bates and the movie was just a shot for shot remake of the original- not worth watching. However, I think the fact that this movie was a shot for shot remake was a testament to the perfection of the original movie. I think this version attempted to reach a more modern audience by showing it in color, updating the wardrobe, and putting actors on the screen a modern day audience is familiar with. I dont believe the goal of this movie was to surpass the original but rather make the original more accessible to a modern day audience. I believe this version was a celebration of the original and as such as a purpose in any film collection.

What is your opinion bloggers? Should the Anthony Perkins version be the only one in your film collection or are both version worthy of display?

8 thoughts on “Psycho: Vince Vaughn vs. Anthony Perkins

  1. Faaaaaaaaaabulous post,Shae!

    Being both a huge Psycho movie fan, as well as a Vince Vaughn fan, I really appreciate you bringing this topic up.

    I’ve never been one for remakes, such as the talk of Hollywood doing a remake of “Gone With the Wind.”

    And even though this remake of Psycho was not an attempt to surpass the original, I think some films should be left alone and remain in their original form of how films were made back then,

    However, I do see your point of the remake being brought up to modern times; reaching a modern audience, and I’m SURE Vince Vaughn was wonderful because to me he’s a very good actor.

    But I think it’s important in relationship with the classic films, that the audiences of modern times learn to appreciate them in their original form because it’s like looking at an original classic painting.

    It is what it is.

    However, I can’t give my honest opinion about the Vince Vaughn version, versus the original because I haven’t seen it. But since you mentioned it here, I will look for it in FYE, and if I see it I’ll purchase it.

    Again, thank you for bringing this topic up. Really enjoyed it!

    Have a great day, girl!

  2. I had NO IDEA there was a Vince Vaughn version! Where have I been? The original is disturbing, for sure. I can’t handle much more than that, I’m afraid. When I really like an actor, I don’t want to see them in disturbing roles because then it ruins them for me. Rob Lowe just played that husband who kills his pregnant wife (true story from about 10 yrs back) and I heard he did a great job, but I don’t want to see my sweet faced Rob playing some sicko!

  3. I would understand doing remakes of movies that are bad. Like, sometimes I see a movie and I like the story, but the acting is bad, or simply I see potential, then I think “if I were a director or a talented screen writer I would remake this movie and change this and that to make it better.” BUT I don’t understand why people do remakes of masterpieces. I’ve only seen the original of psycho, I don’t know how good the other one is, but I think that there are so many new stories waiting to be told! I want to see other stories. How many writers are waiting for the opportunity to make their story into a movie. I vote for new stories. This is my own personal opinion.

  4. I’ve seen them both. Certainly, the original couldn’t have been done any better. Like you mentioned, I think it was just made to show the story to modern audiences and I thought they did a good job.
    Sorry for the late opinion on this… I was out of Blogland for a little bit.

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