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Ok so many of you have read my posts about how much I love to sing. Well this is not another one of those posts…well not exactly. Tonight marks another night of one of my new favorite shows “The Voice”. I was never one for American Idol but X Factor hooked me and now this show has me reeled in as well. At this point in the show I dont have favorite singer but rather a favorite judge: Adam Levine. I mean what isnt there to love? Awesome personality, amazing voice, gorgeous eyes, and how can you not wanna stare at those tattoos??? But I digress…my love from this show is a direct result of my love of X Factor and there is no one else to thank for that but Josh Krajcik.

I fell for Josh on the audition episode. He was poised to be one of those funny auditions with the crazy mom and the funny back story…but he was SO much more. Josh came out on stage and sang “At Last” and he absolutely killed it. Hear it for yourself:

From then on I was hooked. Each week proclaiming “if Josh gets kicked off I am boycotting the show.” I would vote for him until I fell asleep calling the vote number. However, to my dismay he came in second to Melanie Amaro. This however has not stopped him. He is currently working in California on a record. That is something that really makes me love these shows. Even if a contestant doesn’t win as long as they show promise and have a strong following they still get the chance to live out there dream. And so I watch on…hoping that one day I will have a chance to try out for one of these shows. Until then I will live vicariously through my favorites.

So bloggers- do you watch any of these shows? Have you had a contestant get you hooked?

13 thoughts on “Josh Krajcik

  1. Shae, I can’t thank you ENOUGH for sharing this clip with us.

    OMG…it gave me CHILLS and actually brought tears to my eyes!

    What an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING voice Josh has!!!!!!!

    And not only his voice, but he’s whole persona.

    This guy is going to go FAR!!!!!!!

    The best to you Josh!!!!!!

  2. Josh was the best. Melanie Amaro totally creeped me out. I think the show was fixed to let Simon’s girl win. She was not deserving. I have been watching “Idol” for the past several years and like it pretty well. Maybe I need to check out “The Voice”.

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  3. Wow, he was quite good! Thanks for sharing his performance since I don’t usually watch shows like this.

    You’de think I’d be into ‘AI’ just to see Steven Tyler but I’m not. My daughter called me to check out AGT because she thought I’d love Prince Poppycock, and she was right, so I did watch his performances.
    I caught a couple of Donny’s routines on DWTS because I grew up adoring the Osmonds so I had to tune in to that for a few minutes.
    That’s about all that’s coming to mind right now though.

  4. I don’t watch these shows, but my daughter who sings LOVES them. She was really rooting for the guy who had Asperger’s on American Idol last year (Jame Durbin).

    Josh is a local favorite here. He used to perform at a winery I frequent (though I never saw him).

  5. Thank you for posting this blog ~ I’m going to share it with a couple of his fan sites on Facebook, if you don’t mind (Hometown Fans of Josh Krajcik and Josh Krajcik to Win XFactor USA). I am from Josh’s hometown, and yes, he was the best by far. He seemed happy, though, by all accounts, with second place, as it has allowed him creative license. The last we heard, Josh is in London now, working with a team songwriters on his new album. It’s so wonderful that you saw in Josh what we all saw in him, too, and that you’re turning on new fans to him as well! Below, I am posting the link to a new video he sent out to his fans last Friday. ~ Copy and past into your address bar, and enjoy yourself some Josh!

    • Of course you can post this. Josh is an inspiration to me and I cant wait for his record. Thanks for the video it was amazing as usual. If you dont mind me asking how did you come across this post?

  6. I normally don’t watch these shows, either, but last year, I, too, fell under the spell of the Krajcik Magic! Because I write for the local paper, I started covering the story because it was area news. But before long, I was totally sucked in. Not to the show, mind you, because I likely won’t ever watch it again. Just to the story of Mr. K. and his amazing voice. Can’t wait to hear more from him!

  7. I don’t watch these shows on a regular basis, but I’m always interested when people have talent and they go for it! Even if they get “eliminated” many of them they still get discovered and make it big. If that’s their dream.

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