Valentines Craft!

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I decided to share with you a little romantic craft you could make for your sweetheart. I know I am probably the last blogger out there to share this but I did it for my boyfriend’s stocking this Christmas and it was a big hit :). I did my own take on the “52 Reasons I Love You” deck of cards. If you are a pinterest junkie I am sure you have heard of this so sorry no new ideas here. However, if you are not this is a great, inexpensive gift idea for the holidays. So its pretty easy you get a deck of card and each card you use to share with your hunny a reason that you love him. I decided to do some funny things as well as some serious ones since 52 is quite alot.

Heres is my cover card:

Ok so at this point I was ambitious. I had this bright idea that I was going to go through my stacks of old magazines and use cut outs to make this deck of cards. However, after this beautiful cover card I realized I didn’t have the patience for that lol!

Here is an example of a funny card:

This card made him giggle :). I bitch ALOT about EVERYTHING. I thought this card was a nice way to let him know I am aware and I appreciate his patience with me lol!

Of course now this is Valentine’s Day so we cannot leave out the romantic card:

This picture is my all time favorite romantic picture hands down so it absolutely had to be in there! He is good about holding hands and other little things that show me he cares even when others are around. I am not a big one for PDA so I thought it was nice to show him that when he does show some affection I appreciate it even if I dont show it 🙂

So what would you guys put in you “52 Reasons Why I love you” deck of cards?

9 thoughts on “Valentines Craft!

  1. What a great idea! Looks like alot of fun. I’m seeing it here first, not on Pinterest, although I have seen some really neat things there too.

    I would write that my hubby is the kindest man I know. And he’s still super sexy even after all these years. 😉

  2. OMG….I loooooooooooooove this idea, Shae!!!

    And no, I’ve never seen this on Pinterest or anywhere, so this is my first time. How clever!

    Your cover card is awesome!!!!

    “This picture is my all time favorite romantic picture hands down so it absolutely had to be in there!”

    Funny you said that because that’s one of my all-time favorite romantic pictures too! And there is something about that particular time period that was so romantic!

    Well done, girl! Your boyfriend is gonna love it!

  3. Ok, I love this idea. But am I the only one who would struggle with coming up with 52 things?? And I really do love my husband! I guess I’m just not very creative 😦

    The bitchin one is hilarious!

  4. I’d start by reason “because you are always there for me, no matter what”. Thank you for reading my story! I’m getting out of anorexia, and learning how to love my body. Let’s learn together;)

  5. I’ve been wanting to do this! Such a good idea. How long did it take you? Maybe I could finish in time for BF’s birthday in August. 🙂

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