“I’m Elmo and I Know it”

I am really excited about today’s post. Today I get to introduce you guys to Jeff from Pafilms- the creator of “I’m Elmo and I Know it”. This YouTube sensation is a parody of the popular song “I’m Sexy and I Know it” by LMFAO. LMFAO is one of my boyfriend’s absolute favorite new bands and I have had to listen to the songs on repeat for a few months now. After a few YouTube searches I came across multiple parodies of this song but only the Elmo version really became a hit in my house.

The first things that really drew me to this parody is the kid-friendly aspect of it. I feel that a lot of kids love the LMFAO songs because they have really catchy tunes and are really fun to dance to. However, the lyrics in these songs are far from appropriate for many kids. I think parents would be really happy to see the same song that their kids love to dance to with lyrics that are appropriate for them to sing.

On top of this the video is REALLY well done. Clips from Sesame Street are mixed together and really follow perfectly with the song. I think this could be a hit in any household with kids. I got the chance to chat with the creator of this awesome video and here is what he had to say:
What made you decide to use “I’m Sexy and I know it” as inspiration for a parody?

The idea actually started when my family was on the way back from a shopping trip to buy a few groceries. My one daughter Caitlin, who is always as inspired to write and create as I am, started putting Elmo’s name in the song in order to get my two younger boys to sing along. I guess you could consider it a goof. But when I heard how much it actually changed the aspect of the song, and thinking about the positive message it could send, I thought, “Hey! Let’s do that when we get home. Let’s write this little parody!” I wasn’t thinking that it would be such a hit! Never in a million years! We just wanted to share it with some of our friends. It wasn’t until a few friends said that we should share it more that this got really big.
    Whose idea what this parody?
I’ll have to give credit to the two main singers, Caitlin and Brooklyn, my daughters. They got home and wrote all the lyrics with their mother and then presented them to me for recording and editing.
    You mentioned your kids helped you write the song- in what capacity?
They wrote the lyrics. They helped with a few of the “that would be cool in the video” aspects of it, too.
    How old are your kids? Names?
Caitlin (15), Brooklyn (12), Liam (5), Declan (4)
    Were there any other parody possibilities for this song before you chose Elmo? If so what made you go with the Elmo version?
The way the song is written, it would be so easy to add just about anything in there, so long as it fits the syllable scheme of two. So, any name that has just two syllables would work well. Any others would be a little difficult. But we really never considered others in this song for a parody. My daughter Caitlin has been singing parodies for some time now. Some aren’t as positive as the Elmo video. 🙂
    Are there any other kid friendly parodies we can be on the look out for?
We’ve put a little thinking into it. Not too much. We didn’t think this would take off as well as it has! But in thinking about new parodies, we’ve gone through a period of, “No, that one won’t work.” There is something to be said for trying to best the first thing you did so right. It’s probably why sequels never work out to be as good as the first movie. But we’re always keeping our ears open for ideas to try to figure out new and positive ways to create songs that make the world a little better to live in.
So bloggers check out the video below:
What do you guys think of his parody?

10 thoughts on ““I’m Elmo and I Know it”

  1. *thunderous applause*

    Brilliant video, Shae!

    I LOVE Elmo!!!!!!

    It’s not only cleverly made, but you’re right….

    “the lyrics in these songs are far from appropriate for many kids. I think parents would be really happy to see the same song that their kids love to dance to with lyrics that are appropriate for them to sing.”

    And how cool that you were able to speak with the creator of this video!!!

    I also noticed that Michael Jeter is in some of the clips too. What a hysterical man!

    Thanks for sharing, girl! Thoroughly enjoyed.


  2. LOL that was awesome, nice interview too awesome you could interview the creator. Very well done, deserves an applause indeed. Won’t ever look at Elmo the same way again..haha

  3. Cute and clever! I also enjoy LMFAO songs, but they are can be inappropriate. I always crack up at that particular song, knowing what the band looks like! Sexy? NOT!

  4. Hey, wow! Thank you so much for popping in on my blog!

    This song is hilarious. I used to teach Kids English with Elmo the puppet and this would have just rock the Versailles kiddos off of their chairs… well, they were mostly off of them already, but still;) Lovely bubbly blog… keep going!

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