Steven Tyler and the National Anthem

              This post was actually not at all what I had planned for today. However, after a few days of mulling it over and multiple radio stations really getting on my nerves I decided this post was appropriate. For those of you who have followed my blog I am sure you remember me talking about how I am a karaoke junkie. Now this obsession isn’t a minor obsession that is threatening to fade fast- I am a serious karaoke addict. Now I know generally karaoke is equated with awful singing and more than likely this is the case with me as well. However, I would like to disregard that possibility and write this post with the assumption that I am a Karaoke Star!

               As a seasoned karaoke singer I can tell you that I have tried many different songs. Songs that are often FAR from my key. These songs generally come out so terribly that even I shudder listening to myself. Needless to say when the song is over- the room is silent minus the few polite claps and whispers of disgust. However, this doesn’t mean I am a bad singer. This means that I picked the wrong song. When these songs come along I quickly delete them from my list of Karaoke songs and move on to the next one. No harm no foul.

              Professional Singers are no different. In order for their voice to truly shine they must sing in the right key and often they must sing the right type of song. Steven Tyler is a ROCK singer. The National Anthem is NOT! Steven Tyler sang the song like a rock singer would…and honestly I think he did pretty good with it. The National Anthem is in an impossible key and hits notes that are really meant for female singers. But he altered the song to fit his voice and his comfort zone- like all previous singers have done. So what is the problem?

              Also, did everyone forget that Steven Tyler is in his 60s? His voice isn’t young and vibrant anymore. He did a pretty damn good job for his age and his style of singing. However, I seem to be very alone in this opinion as the words floating around are “washed up” and the song was “butchered”. So I turn to you bloggers:

What did you guys think of Steven Tyler’s National Anthem?

11 thoughts on “Steven Tyler and the National Anthem

  1. BRA-VO!

    Honestly, I think he did an AWESOME job!

    The Star Spangle Banner is not an easy song to sing (especially for a male) because the notes get VERY high. And the fact that he sang it acapella, is even more impressive!

    Well done, Tyler!

    Btw, I would love to sing Karaoke with you one day. I love to sing.

  2. First, I’m SHOCKED that there are people who are dissing it! The crowd seemed to LOVE it! I personally think he sounded FANTASTIC! Much better than a lot of other professional singers in the past. Props to him for at least knowing the words!!!!! He’s hardly washed up……..he’s a freaking American Icon!

    My daughter is a singer. She’s preparing for a spring recital and needed a new book of Italian arias. I looked at it and said, “Isn’t this the same book you’ve always used?” Apparently, her new vocal teacher said she needed the soprano version, instead of mezzo soprano. Who knew?

  3. As a “singer” I was asked to weigh in on this so here goes. To the unfamiliar ear, sure, Tyler did fine but he is a professional, hell, a Rock God, and one who currently makes shit tons of money criticizing other people’s vocal performances, so I don’t feel bad being a little tough on the guy. He’s not washed up. He is as great a performer as he ever was (at least on his own songs). Unfortunately, he just didn’t put the right kind of heart into this song. He stayed in key for the most part but as his co-judge would say “it was a little pitchy, dog.” There were spots where he wasn’t strong. Yes it’s a tough song but EVERYONE KNOWS ITS A TOUGH SONG! Don’t go at it solo unless you are going to seriously impress people with your vocal prowess which Tyler did not do. There have been great Rock n Roll versions of the Star Spangled Banner but this wasn’t one of them. I have no problem with him delivering the song in his own style. That’s his right as an artist. Didn’t like the screech on “land of the free”? He’s Steven Freakin’ Tyler. What’d you expect?! Over all, it was a lack luster rendition of one of the most moving and powerful songs in all of music.

    If Mr. Peabody and I could have anything to say about it, I’d have him back out there, on the 50 yard line, doing his thing but with Joe Perry by his side slinging some bad ass guitar along with him. Aerosmith is a rock band dyed deep in the blues and a delta style call and response in the “rockets red glare” section between vocals and dive bombing guitar a-la Hendrix would have been sick! A moment that would have become legendary!!! I know Tyler and Perry are on the outs right now but i’d just tell em, “Suck it up and Rock the fuck out or the terrorists win!” That’s how it could have been better.

    And for the record, the Star Spangled Banner isn’t difficult to sing because it’s meant for female voice. You’re simply meant to start lower and sing in full voice. the tune was lifted from an old British drinking song originally known as “To Anacreon in Heaven” so I’m sure Roseann Barr wasn’t the first person to catterwall the melody in a less than honorable manner.

  4. Since I can’t sing to save my life and probably wouldn’t do karaoke if someone paid me a million dollars…. okay, I’m lying, I’d do it for a mil… I can’t really comment on the technical stuff. But knowing who Tyler is (I’ve been to MANY Aerosmith concerts over the years) I totally agree with you in that he sang it like a rock star, yes even an aging rock star. And if the ‘demon of screamin’ didn’t let it rip a little bit it wouldn’t have been him singing.
    I don’t know who would consider a guy who’s STILL rocking, still touring, on a hit show, engaged to be married, and has Oprah singing his praises to be ‘washed up’ but I’d to know how many of them were invited to sing at a championship game.

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