As a blogger I think it is important to raise awareness when my love of blogging is being threatened. In the last week the acronym SOPA has been thrown around and for a while I was giving it the once over a moving on. Mostly my lack of regard was because I really didnt know what this bill was even about. “SOPA” stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act”. Currently this bill is in the progress of being passed with “PIPA” which stands for “Protect IP Act”. Interested yet?

Honestly, I wasn’t either. The names alone don’t raise any red flags and the google searches I did really didn’t put my in a frenzy at all. The gist of the bills are to help Entertainment companies stop independent people who sell pirated music and videos online. This sounds like a legitimate bill. However looking at the ramifications of this simple task is astonishing.

If you are a blogger or just someone who fully enjoys the freedom of the internet PLEASE watch this video. This gives you a very easy to understand explanation as to what this bill could do to internet as we know it:



After watching this video I think it is VERY important that bloggers band together and raise awareness! Petitions are going around and many people are calling their Senators or sending them an email to share their thoughts. Whatever you choose to do these bills need to be stopped and WE are the ones who should work for the termination of this bill. remember if even a comment on our blog is linked to a sight that potentially violates the bill OUR blog can be banned. Don’t let this bill hurt the blogging community we have all come to love!


8 thoughts on “SOPA

  1. BRAVA!

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this excellent video because it gave me much more clarity into this issue.

    “After watching this video I think it is VERY important that bloggers band together and raise awareness!”

    You’re absolutely right!

    And I’ve already signed several petitions online, but I think (on top of that) I need to call our Senator.

    Again, thanks for sharing this, my friend!

    *thumbs up*

  2. true that…and thanks for the vid…i went black the day of the vote…and it was nice seeing the politicians run for the hills…i dont think they really understand honestly…maybe now they do a bit more…

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