Worst Movie Ever Blog Fest!!

I decided to join a blog fest about a month back. This blog fest asked that on September 19 (today) we give a list of the ten worst movies we have ever seen- excluding sy- fy. Here are my picks in descending order.


10. The Messengers

9. Amityville Horror (Remake- the original was awesome!)

8. Wheels of Vengeance

7. Big Momma’s House

6. The Beach

5. The Mangler 3

4. Battlefield Earth

3. Audition

2. Killer Clowns From Outer Space…


and the Worst Movie I have seen so far is….

1. SICK!


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What are the worst movies you have seen?

19 thoughts on “Worst Movie Ever Blog Fest!!

  1. I’d put Killer Clowns in my so bad and so weird that it’s at least entertaining. With Audition are you referring to the Japanese film? I saw that one and it was perverse as I recall but I don’t remember much else about it–I won’t say I hated it. Was The Beach the film with Leonardo Dicaprio? It was weird, but once again I don’t remember the film, but I think I kind of liked it (I tend to like a lot of weird films). I don’t think I’ve seen any of your other picks.

    Tossing It Out

  2. The only movie I’ve seen that you listed here is….

    “9. Amityville Horror (Remake- the original was awesome!)”

    And I agree….the original was AWESOME!

    I think ‘one’ of the worst movies I’ve ever seen that most everyone else loved was, “Bridges Over Madison County.”

    OMG…I was so bored – HA!

  3. Yeah Killer Clowns belongs in that “So bad and so messed up it is fun” category for me as well.
    Battlefield Earth seems to be the clear winner in all these posts. As it should be. Horrible, horrible dreck.

  4. i loved killer klowns… i like how you watch movies, we play in the same sandbox.
    i love bad/worst movies, these lists are tough!

  5. Awe, I liked Amityville Horror! I’ve never seen “sick.” But I remember the beach, and that one SUCKED! I can’t really think of any that stuck out to me as awful – I really don’t watch a lot of movies!

  6. Killer Klowns made quite a few lists. I just may have to check that out. Sometimes it’s fun to have people over for BAD movies, you know? Battlefield Earth made my list!

  7. I just wanted to respond to a few comments. Audition is on the list because I found it on one of those top horrow/gore film lists. I decided to watch it because I love scary movies. The problem was all it was, was gore! The storyline was very hard to follow and boring. I just kept watching to see what screwed up things the girl would do next…that is not a good movie in my book.

    As for Killer Klowns I figured there would be some disagreement. This movie however is the movie that led to my fear of clowns. Enough said. I am NOT a fan.

  8. OMG! Yeah, I agree with you. Some of this film is pretty bad and uninteresting. In my opinion, that makes this movie bad is a pretty boring story line and the end of the film’s story is very easy to predict. Therefore, all these films are not worthy to watch. I am so sorry, that’s my opinion.

  9. top ten least favorite films… This was a hard one to whittle down to 10 but here goes.

    10. Wolverine Origins – I was so psyched to see Ryan Renolds as Deadpool: the merc with the mouth… but what did they go and do? THEY SEWED UP HIS MOUTH!

    9. Matrix Revolutions – Saw it in theaters. Trinity’s organs were punctured in alphabetical order yet managed to squeeze out a Shakespearean length soliloquy before finally kicking the bucket. I stood up and booed during the final scene.

    8. the Truth about Cats and Dogs – Wasn’t it bad enough that Janeane Garofalo was in a movie? Was there really a need for her to be the lead in a Rom Com including a ‘self-pleasure’ sequence.

    7. Phantom of the Opera – Joel Schumacher manages to screw up the lip synch in a multi-million dollar Hollywood musical. Something that music video producers do in three days worth of production. That and as much as I like Gerard Butler, his mouth moves funny when he talks and it only looked goofier under the mask.

    6. Princess Caribou – saw it at age 7, first movie that ever pissed me off for wasting 90 minutes of my life.

    5. Anger Management – Adam Sandler’s least funny film – yes that includes Punch Drunk Love and that one where he played a traumatized 9/11 widower.

    4. Super Mario Brothers – At least they got some of the names right.

    3. Caddyshack 2 – if you liked the first movie, avoid the sequel like the plague, just like all the cast members from Caddyshack 1.

    2. A career-way tie between every movie Ben Stiller has ever made… with the exception of Heavy Weights. The go-cart scene gets me every time.

    1. Batman and Robin – Joel Schumacher apologized for making this pile of crap… doesn’t mean I’m ready to forgive him for it.

  10. I don’t have a Top 10 of the worst yet but a list of the worst is incomplete without Eddie Murphy’s ‘classic’ Pluto Nash’ and ‘The Room(2003)’-a movie so awful and amateurish you can’t help but love it.

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