Yacht/ car combo?

One thing I have gotten a new appreciation for lately is cars. I have really started to like looking at old cars and styles and seeing how they have transformed into the cars we have today. For the most part I am mostly a fan of the older cars but there are some new cars that strike my eye

While surfing the web I found a thing on Discovery Channel about a yacht that comes with a car! This thing is crazy awesome and one of those things that if I was a multi- millionaire I would absolutely need to buy.

The yacht and the car are mad to clearly resemble one another and they do a fantastic job.

Not only does it look cool on the outside but the interior is not too shabby either…

Check out:


to see more pictures and read about this amazing water vehicle!


What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Yacht/ car combo?

  1. WOW!!!! What a cool-looking car AND yacht!

    It looks like something Batman would drive around in!

    That yacht is actually bigger than my studio apartment – HA!

    I think it’s so ironic you posted this today, because for the past week I’ve been thinking about the style and fashion of the 1940’s – wanting to do a post about it because I LOVE that time period.

    The style of the cars back then were awesome! I found some really nice photographs online that I may use in my post.

    Hope you’re having a FAB Saturday! Enjoy your weekend!

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